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  1. 企鹅空降

    Only five of the best penguin recruits were selected for the final deadly test. Jump from the ledge and safely land first. Don't be last because the army likes to drop exploding bombs on the weakest recruit!
    Penguin Airborne is a thrilling and exciting indie parachute jumping game. Choose from 3 unique looking penguins and try to become a general. Use the accelerometer to steer left and right to collect valuable stars!
    Remember style counts! Try to be the fastest penguin and you may survive.
    This game is suitable for all ages! Kids will love the cute graphics and simple gameplay, while adults will love the difficulty in later levels and the morbid sense of achievement when other penguins don't perform as well as you!
    ** Easy to learn and morbidly entertaining, you won’t be able to help yourself from cheering every time you survive and another cute penguin dies instead in this tricky game of last-man-standing. - App Safari **

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