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  1. 英雄塔防

    This is the HEROIC DEFENCE FULL VERSION! There is a Free Demo version available.
    If you want to continue from where you stopped in the Demo version, you should tap on the "Full version" button in the Demo version instead of downloading this version.
    Experience this unique Tower Defence game where you level up a General with skills and build towers, walls and cast powerful spells to progress in an ever challenging campaign.
    - Build Towers and Walls in a very unique play style
    - Cast spells in real time
    - Choose between 3 different types of Generals
    - Develop your Generals with 27 skills
    - Experience 20 completely unique maps, each with its own twist
    - Follow the Campaign as you progress
    - Defeat 7 challenging special bosses
    - Take advantage of the different types of terrains and obstacles
    - Try to beat every achievement (Feat) included
    - Defeat 17 different creature, each with its own unique abilities
    - 建立塔楼和城墙在一个非常独特的游戏风格
    - 即时施放法术
    - 3种不同类型的武将之间进行选择
    - 开发你的将军与27个技巧
    - 体验20完全独特的地图,每个都有自己的扭曲
    - 按照活动为你的进步
    - 击败7具有挑战性特殊的老板
    - 以不同类型的地形和障碍的优势
    - 尝试击败每一项成就(壮举)包括
    - 击败17种不同的生物,每一个都有自己独特的能力

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