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  1. 拯救小狗狗


    这是一只充满勇气的腊肠狗,为营救被捕狗员捉走的兄弟姐妹,穿梭在城市公园的各个角落。小腊肠肩负着自己的拯救使命,为了狗狗们未来的自由美好家园,一直勇往直前突破重重的困难,绞尽脑汁利用各种道具,甚至可以吃掉香肠改变身体形状! 每次看到重获自由的狗狗欢欣跳跃,小腊肠内心就充满了继续前行的动力!

    15 万人安装 · 2012年12月22日更新

  2. 水滴穿梭(Drip Lite)

    Drip is a funny video game requiring skills and reflexion with an amazing gameplay. Only the fastest and most attentive will come out the pipes to win levels and beat scores of speed.
    This is the story of Guti, a drop like no other, who dreams one day to reach the stars. Struck by a twist of fate, Guti falls into the sewers ... An amazing and epic adventure will start.
    With a great determination, bravery and speed, Guti will pass through no less than seventy-five different levels of labyrinths full of obstacles and cross over five majestic worlds to be able to reach the stars. Help it to cross those vast worlds of pipes to make its dream comes true.
    But be careful, you must act quickly before Guti evaporates ...
    How to play ?
    With the accelerometer of your smartphone, move Guti dynamically. You have full control of Guti. As if you put a drip on your smartphone. When fully perpendicular to the ground, Guti will go at full speed. To slow down, simply tilt the smartphone down so that it's parallel to the ground.
    Go as fast as possible to the exit by running the different levels.
    Guti, shrinks with time, you will have to be fast and avoid rubbing against the edges of the pipes to keep maximum speed.
    To change the shape of Guti, just get through four machines.
    The "Wind Machine" will give you huge speed;
    The "Bubble Machine" will slow you down some time;
    The "Freeze Machine" will increase the size of Guti and so, give you some precious seconds;
    The "Steam Machine" will make you evaporate faster !
    • 75 levels with increasing difficulties (16 on lite version)
    • 5 amazing universes
    • an original gameplay
    • rich 3D graphics
    • 4 different machines that make it changes shape
    • 20 achievements to unlock
    • 5 secret objects to find

    812 人安装 · 2013年5月31日更新
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  3. 手指和飞刀(3D)

    想玩致命游戏——手指和飞刀, 你只需要一个条件:勇气。用赤裸的双手来冒险吧,面对锋芒毕露的刀刃。在手指形成的空隙中,准确无误地下刀!集中注意力!你肯定不想到最后一根手指也剩不下吧!希望不要看到缠满绷带的双手。最后,祝你带着骄傲和完整的手离开!

    5203 人安装 · 2016年4月28日更新
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