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  1. 木筏海盗

    Finally! What we’ve all been waiting for... a robot pirate-themed MMO! Take on the role of Pirate Captain, build your ship, build your crew! Head out to pirate infested waters to attack other real world players and plunder their hard earned salvage to better your ship!
    • It’s a real MMO!
    • Collect salvage to build a mighty pirate ship!
    • Take real risks against real players. Their loss is your gain!
    • Soooo many weapons to build!
    • Dice-based combat!
    • It’s real time! So while you’re away, your robot crew will defend the ship until you get back.

    1.1 万人安装 · 2013年6月5日更新
    分类: 经营策略 · 休闲时间