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  1. 野餐打斗 )

    The Everhungries are the result of cruel WW2 experiments aimed on creating the uber killing machine. Now they have escaped the laboratories of their insane creators! Driven by an insatiable hunger they invade the peaceful picnic grounds in the beautiful hinterlands of Mount Sauerkraut, wreaking havoc as they feast on the endless supplies of delicious takeaway food.
    Or maybe they are just your typical hungry bears from the neighborwoods. Whichever version suits you best.
    1. jump
    2. eat
    3. avoid bombs & fruit for highscore
    4. enjoy your meal and stay hungry!
    *** Limitation of Free Version ***
    - Limited number of Levels
    - Banner ADs
    *** Quotes ***
    "We combined adorable cute characters with a good deal of comic violence. We put all that into an easy to learn, action loaded endless runner and removed the running part." - rou, Programmer
    "Jumping and eating, awesome! Go buy it!" - Bob Fungus, Executive Producer
    *** Press reactions ***
    "The graphics are cute and the sounds are nomnomnomnomingly tasty!" - rgcd.co.uk (4/5 joysticks)
    "Gobble Up Food And Watch Out For Chainsaws In Picnic Mayhem" - AppAdvice.com (4/5 stars)
    "The cutest fur balls since the Nintendogs" - Bobic, 4Sceners
    - 有限的楼层数
    - 横幅广告
    行情*** ***
    “我们结合可爱的可爱的人物有一个很好的协议的漫画的暴力,我们把所有的成简单易学,动作加载无尽亚军和删除正在运行的一部分。” - 柔,程序员
    “跳,吃东西,真棒!去买吧!”鲍勃 - 木耳,执行制片人
    新闻*** ***反应
    “图形很可爱,声音是nomnomnomnomingly好吃!” - rgcd.co.uk(5/5操纵杆)
    “狼吞虎咽食物,并留意油锯在野餐打斗流血” - AppAdvice.com(4/5颗星)
    “最可爱的绒毛球,因为任天狗” - 博比奇,4Sceners

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