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  1. 滚筒投篮

    Adjust the “TOUCH SENSITIVITY” if you feel the flick is too weak or too strong.
    “Roller” is a Skee-Ball style game. The classic arcade game is on your Android device now!
    Swipe your finger to roll the ball into different holes with designated points. High res 3d graphics and quality physics will make the ball move, roll and bounce with great realism. This game is easy to play and fall in love with. You’ll feel right back to your childhood.
    3 different skins for the machine. 6 different balls. You can choose the one you like in "Customize" menu.
    Aim is achieved by carefully controlling the start and stop points of the flick, the direction and speed between them.
    You can also add spin after the ball is released by tilting.
    Not support Xoom yet. Try the lite version before you buy it

    2.6 万人安装 · 2012年8月10日更新
    分类: 休闲时间 · 跑酷竞速

  2. 布巴高尔夫

    Step up to the tee and play BubbaGolf! Play as Masters Champion and long driver himself, Bubba Watson, and take aim at the best arcade golf game in the iTunes App Store! It’s addictive, easy to learn and tough to master for players of all skill levels! Get ready for some LONG BALL fun and perhaps even tee it up against Bubba himself!
    -CHALLENGE MODE - Test your distance and accuracy by progressing through 20 challenges per level (4 levels)!
    -SCORE ATTACK - Rack up the points by hitting targets, landing on 'Hot Greens' and hitting the long ball!

    5553 人安装 · 2012年8月10日更新
    分类: 体育格斗 · 跑酷竞速