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  1. 魔法箭头

    "Magic Arrows" debut in Android OS at long last!
    A stylish action puzzle produced by Shift Inc.
    "Magic Arrows" got 2nd rank in Puzzle-category,
    and was highly-rated in Kotaku and other sites.
    Operation of "Magic Arrows" is easy!
    Slide and match the panels to clear them!
    The key for high scores is Magic Arrow,
    shining in rainbow-color.
    You’ll get high scores if you connect
    the arrows well and clear many panels at once!
    * Warning: This game is highly addictive.
    Play it in moderation!!
    ≫ How to play
    "Magic Arrows" is an action puzzle game
    where the object is to clear the colored panels
    with arrows by moving them.
    Tap each panel to move
    to the direction of the arrow.
    Clear the panels by matching
    three panels of the same color!
    Activate Magic Arrows and earn high scores
    by clearing the panels in bulk!!
    ≫ Two modes
    Play continuously and aim high scores!
    50 exercises where you learn the rules
    while you play!
    * This app adopted color universal design.
    Panel patterns can be changed
    if you find difficulty distinguishing the colors.
    ■ Supported OS:
    Android OS 2.2 / 2.3
    Android OS 3.0 or later versions are deprecated.
    ■ Operation has been confirmed in:
    docomo SO-01D ( 2.3.4 )
    docomo T-01C ( 2.2.2 )
    docomo SC-02C ( 2.3.5 )
    We checked as mentioned above, in those environment, but there is some case it won’t work nevertheless supported OS was normally installed.
    This application gets online to show an ad.

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  2. 箭头敲击

    Arrow Swipe Run X - super fun and simple game play that will keep you happy for hours. Arrows and jewels are falling from the sky, swipe quick to catch them all. Classic fun mania for hours.
    ★ Advance your skills in other swipe input games
    ★ Deluxe plasma line art and retro music
    ★ 2 player blitz mania mode with friends
    ★ Impossible game play and simple control input
    ★ Unlock the wave bombs to destroy the arrows and get even further
    Your quest is to get highest score possible. When the arrows fall between the 2 white line at the bottom of the screen, then swipe in the direction of the arrow with your finger. You can swipe anywhere on the screen. If you miss an arrow it is game over unless you unlock the wave bombs. Arrows fall faster and faster so you'll need nimble fingers.
    In two player mode, the first person to miss an arrow loses the match.
    Show your support by downloading the game for gratis and giving a star rating.
    Have fun arrow runner :)
    箭刷卡运行X - 超级有趣和简单的游戏,将让你开心几个小时。箭头和珠宝是从天上掉下,刷卡快赶上他们。经典好玩的狂热小时。

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  3. 海盗之王


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