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  1. 至尊麻将王 (单机版 Mahjong)

    ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣
    ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣
    ※ 此版本为手机专用版本,若您使用平板,请搜寻「至尊麻将王 HD」,以获得更细致的游戏画面
    ★ 游戏特色 ★
    1. 正统台湾16张麻将,让你倍感亲切
    2. 画面简洁大方,玩久也不会眼花花
    3. 可自选 底/台 金额,小赌或是豪赌~任君挑选
    4. 不限制打牌圈数上限,爱玩多久就玩多久
    5. 单机版免连接!开桌就打不用等,再也不怕三缺一
    ★ 游戏说明 ★
    - 第一次进入游戏可获得10000游戏币
    - MoaiCity会员每天登录游戏可获得奖励金1000游戏币,连续登录5天最高可获得5000游戏币
    - 选牌时按住不放,左右拖曳,被选到的牌会放大,确认要丢哪张牌再将手放开出牌,可避免丢错。
    ↓↓↓更详细的游戏介绍可参考 MoaiCity 博客↓↓↓

    3.5 万人安装 · 2016年3月3日更新
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  2. 小丑的救赎

    Today is a good day to be Free!
    Use your skill and cannon to revolt against evil Ringmaster, Lion and Strongman. Be a hero, save “the lady” and break free from the circus. Defend yourself against ringmaster's attack; balloons loaded with toxic and radioactive waste. Plenty of options so you can play Clowns Revolt Your Way. Some days you want a challenge or you just want to blow something up.
    Stunning graphics and realistic physics in High Definition (HD).
    70 Levels - Level Updates Free
    Customize Game and difficulty with options:
    A. Speed
    B. EZ-Button
    C. Touch
    D. Balloons
    E. Sound.
    Targeting: Angle, Power, Red Dot.
    The Clown fell in love with a beautiful lady; performer in the circus. She could see his potential and real person behind the mask.
    The lady overheard conversation between Ringmaster, Lion and Strongman revealing how he abducted the clown from a royal family at birth.
    She revealed the dark truth to the Clown who confronted the Ringmaster and promised justice and equalization. Strongman abducted the lady as a hostage and tied her up in the tent.
    This left Clown with one choice: REVOLT. He grabbed the cannon, limited ammunition and started the REVOLT to rescue "the lady."
    The Ringmaster, Lion and Strongman erected elaborate barricade and balloon defenses.
    Clowns Revolt is an outstanding environment to carry on the fight, taking advantage of innovative Box2D physics (gravity), animation, graphics, sound and effects to deliver a game experience that is unique every time you press “FIRE.”

    409 人安装 · 2012年8月11日更新
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