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  1. 史诗防御战

    故事的时间设定在上古世界,在古老的魔法力量消失之前的一段混沌时代。 人族已经建立起这个古老世界的秩序,但是荒蛮边界的兽人一直觊觎人类的城镇,妄图破坏世界的宁静。 终于,他们对人类发起进攻,人类节节败退,被迫退守在城墙内。 人类的魔法师翻出古老的法典,从中发现了古老的元素能量的秘密。 使用元素魔法加强的守卫塔(Guard Tower)将发挥超常的能量,它可以召唤火山,雷电,冰山... 反攻即将开始...

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  2. 魔法守护者

    Be the hero and defend your village from the evil orcs in three different invasion episodes. You will fight in the forest, near the walls and inside the town to defend the town’s last resort, the castle. Compete with people around the world for the highest score in an endless battle to defend everyone in an arcade style gameplay.
    ### Story:
    What was once a peaceful land is now a scenario of a bloody war. The newly founded horde of Orcs is set to destroy, pillage and kill everyone they encounter. Your village was already target of a first recognition attack by a small group of Orcs that were able to penetrate the walls of your village. Though unprepared and surprised by the assault, you still managed to fight back, protect everyone and expel the small Orc force out of your town. The Orcs sworn they would be back with greater numbers to get revenge. This time though, you will be prepared, at full powers and the Orcs can't even imagine what will be expecting them!
    ### Objective:
    Use one of the available heroes to defend from the orc invasion in 3 different invasion episodes. You will fight in the forest, near the walls of your town and inside your town to defend the village's last resort, the castle.

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  3. 兽人种族灭绝

    Orc Genocide is a strategy game which has a lot of different game modes. Such like Tower Defense, Waves, Story and the original one, which combines defending and conquering. In the original mode both opponents start with 20 lives, a mine worker and a bunch of gold coins. Original Fight against 3 different CPU(easy, medium, hard) types, against an online opponent or against an friend in splitscreen mode. Tower Defense If an enemy dies you earn money which you can use to buy and upgrade towers. The game is finished if you survive all 30 waves. King Defense Similar to Tower Defense except that you have to protect a King. Waves This mode is similiar to the tower defense mode except that you build summon builings instead of towers. Story Rescue the 6 caged twin sister princesses in the Orcish Forehills. And defeat the 6 stone knights in the Orcish Mountains. Minigames A simple "one tap" jump and run game. Singleplayer and up to 4 player on the same device. Hero Siege Fight against different types of enemnies to earn coins and level up your hero to win against the end boss. Auras are an important key role in the game. They increase the attributes of all your creeps and towers. And even the king in the tower defense mode. 兽人种族屠杀是一款策略游戏里面有很多不同的游戏模式。例如像塔防,海浪,故事原来,它结合了捍卫和征服。在原来的模式下两个对手开始与20的生活,一名采矿工人和一堆金币。 原始 抗击3种不同的CPU(易,中,硬)类型,针对网上的对手或反对分屏模式下的朋友。 塔防 如果敌人死你赚钱,你可以用它来购买并升级塔。如果你生存的所有30波游戏结束。 王国防 类似塔防,只是你要保护一景。 波浪 这种模式类同,只是你建立召唤builings代替塔的塔防模式。 的故事 救援兽人Forehills 6笼双胞胎妹妹公主。并打败兽人山脉6石骑士。 迷你游戏 一个简单的“一个水龙头”跳和运行游戏。单人和最多4播放机在同一设备上。 英雄攻城 打击不同类型的enemnies赚取金币和水平你的英雄战胜终端的老板。 光环是在游戏中的一个重要的关键作用。它们增加你所有的小兵和塔的属性。即使王的塔防模式。

    1.3 万人安装 · 2016年10月12日更新
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  4. 宠物大战兽人 Pets vs Orcs


    8417 人安装 · 2012年8月11日更新
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  1. 兽人纳克反击战

    7658 人安装 22.05MB
    应用评论: “对于喜爱塔防及休闲策略游戏的人群来说,这是一款非常棒的游戏。
    ”——Dailyiphoneblog “裸体国王(Naked King)向iPhone游戏玩家提供了刚刚好的策略,独创性和乐趣,让这个游戏成为一款必玩家必备游戏。
    ”—— Callingallgeeks ◆简介 - 裸体国王(Naked King)是一款策略性塔防冒险游戏,需要资源管理和战术知识技巧。