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  1. 宝石生涯


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  2. 乌贼海底生涯


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  3. 海盗生涯2:失落之章

    Pirates Life 2 for tablets and phones
    Full Tablet and Phone support in one package. This game will run fine on devices like the HTC Desire HD/Samsung Galaxy and up.
    A pirates journal had been found, but a lot of pages are gone. The story is incomplete, and it’s up to you to fill in the first 9 chapters now of this legendary story. A story containing the biggest Pirate Legends in the likes of Blackbeard, The Skeleton Captain and Davy Jones, and there is more to come…
    You will start getting the journal back together on the day this here pirate bought his first ship and started his long journey to becoming the “Pirate King” and off course his real goal, Revenge! There are hundreds of battles to be fought, ships to be sunk and cannons to be upgraded to ultimate noisy death machines!
    Create your own pirates in the customization system that allows to realize more than 17,5 million different pirates! The game has 9 opponent types to start with, containing the Traders, British, VoC, Spanish, Captain Bones and Blackbeard. Take down ships and cities to get the gold you need and upgrade more than 170 times on different attributes like brand new ships, cannon damage, cannon reload speed, ship hit points and much more.
    RPG elements have found their way into game with certain items getting you bonuses in battle and a complete level system with the integrated FEAR feature. Do you need a reason to take down the enemy by pulverizing there ships? There is a Story Mode to play trough that will last for hours and is free to try first. After that it will cost just $0,99 to unlock the Full Story with unlimited play and DLC coming.
    Main Features:
    ✓ Full Story Campaign.
    ✓ Full Retina high-detailed 2D graphics and particle systems.
    ✓ More than 170 upgrade possibilities.
    ✓ Full customization system to create your own pirate face.
    ✓ RPG elements with the FEAR system and clothes bonuses.
    ✓ Extensive damage and repair mechanics.
    ✓ AI that scales with the players abilities in the game to keep it exiting.
    ✓ Multiple Epic music tracks and full sound effects that will give your speaker/headphones a big workout.
    (multiplayer features become available in an update in the future on Android!)

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