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  1. 神龙村庄 Dragon Village

    Dragon Village is a Dragon Fighting Breeding City Builder free 2 play fun game.
    Start a magical tour with mystical dragons. Imagine a village full of amazing dragons where you can feed, raise and train your dragons for fighting!
    ~ COLLECT mystifying, strong, and amusing dragons from over 12 elements! Each of the dragons has unique personality, unique magical powers and unique skills.
    ~ CROSSBREED your dragons in the breeding lab and create a new dragon!
    ~ FARM delicious food in the food farm and FEED them to your dragons!
    ~ BATTLE with your enemies and unlock new items!
    ~ SHARE your own village, full of magical dragons with your friends and help each other with gifts.
    - Free to play!
    - Cool graphics!
    - A wide range of exciting pet dragons.
    - The whole island is open for you!
    -Evolve your Dragons into epic form and explore an exciting fun world!
    -Play with friends using Facebook and Game Center in Social area!
    -Cute eggs.
    -Custom elemental habitats for each type of dragons.
    -The Decor area is filled with stylish and attractive decorations.
    -Farms to grow foods for your dragons.
    -Various battle stages where your dragons can compete for prizes.
    - A crossbreeding mechanism, which brings out surprisingly realistic results!
    -Make your own team of Dragons and take them to battle!
    - 免费玩!
    - 酷显卡!
    - 广泛的激动人心的宠物龙。
    - 整个岛屿为您敞开!
    使用Facebook和游戏中心在社会领域的朋友 - 播放!
    - 自定义元素的栖息地为每种类型的龙。
    - 各种战斗阶段,其中的龙可以争夺奖品。
    - 一个杂交机制,带来了令人惊讶的逼真效果!

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