1. 球王冲刺 特别版

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  2. 机场指挥中心 1

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  3. 吓人工厂:弗莱迪

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    Are you ready to be jump-scared? Create your own custom scary jumpscares to share with friends! More than 1.6 MILLION downloads already! ***MASSIVE UPDATE***: Completely NEW intuitive UI! MAJOR bug fixes, including fix for invisible character killing you in Shootout Showdown NEW tutorials to help you build your favorite characters! MORE secrets to find! Animatronic Jumpscare Factory isn't your typical character creator. Aside from allowing you to make thousands of combinations of characters, you can even view the animated jumpscare of your creation and record your own custom screams. At the Minigame Lab, you can blast away enemies to survive the five hours of the night in Shootout Showdown, or hunt down Wanted animatronics in Quest Mode to unlock even more parts! The possibilities are endless! Get ready to create your own nightmares. Whether you want to experience the thrill of barely surviving until morning in Shootout or scare your friends in Surprise Mode, Animatronic Jumpscare Factory has it all! FEATURES: 1000+ combinations LOGIN BONUSES! Get a new FREE part every day you play the game and get a special NEW character at the end! MINIGAMES available to play, including an addictive new SHOOTOUT survival game! RECORD custom screams and sounds. Put your vocal skills to the test! SURPRISE and scare your friends with a surprise mode UNLOCK more parts using a fun quest mode! RANDOMIZE your characters using a fun random button! VIEW animated jumpscares SHARE your creation with friends or save it to your image gallery! CUSTOMIZE characters by giving them a name, gender, and custom scream! PRO FEATURES, including Favorites and Jumps! NEW LEVELS, and almost 50 new parts to unlock! Note:Look forward to future updates with even more minigames, cool features, characters and parts available! Note: Even if you purchased the level pack in a previous update, you will still gain access to all the new features! 你准备好要跳害怕吗?创建自己的自定义吓人jumpscares与朋友分享! 超过160万的下载了! ***大规模更新***: 全新的直观UI! 重要的错误修复,其中包括修复了不可见字符杀了你的枪战对决 新教程,以帮助你建立你最喜欢的人物! 更多的秘密找到的! 游戏过程Jumpscare厂是不是你的典型性格的创造者。除了让你做出成千上万个字符的组合,你甚至可以查看您创作的动画jumpscare并记录自己的自定义的尖叫声。在小游戏实验室,可以炸开敌人生存五个小时枪战对决的夜晚,或者追捕通缉电子动画在任务模式解锁甚至更多的部件!可能性是无穷的!准备好创建自己的噩梦。 无论您想体验在点球大战勉强生存,直到早晨的刺激或惊吓的惊喜模式下你的朋友,游戏过程Jumpscare厂拥有这一切! 特征: 1000+的组合 LOGIN奖金!你每天玩游戏获取一个新的免费部分,并在年底得到一个特殊的新角色! 可小游戏玩,其中一个上瘾的新枪战生存游戏! RECORD定制的尖叫声和声音。把你的声乐技能测试! 惊喜和一个惊喜模式,吓跑你的朋友 用一个有趣的任务模式解锁更多的零部件! 用一个有趣的随机按钮随机你的角色! 查看动画jumpscares 分享你的创作与朋友或将其保存到你的图片库! 通过给企业提供姓名,性别自订角色和自定义尖叫! PRO功能,包括收藏夹和跳跃! 新的水平,而且几乎50个新零件来解锁! 注:期待未来的更新与更多的小游戏,酷炫功能,人物和可用的配件! 注意:即使你在以前的更新购买的层面包,你仍然会获得所有新功能!
  4. 莎莉的水疗沙龙

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    帮助莎莉是她梦想中的明星Sally的沙龙及水疗中心 - 那种让你成为一个真正的名人把莎莉*的女孩化妆游戏。作为一个美容师显示你的实力,你给莎莉一个改造及面部护理。摆脱丘疹,适用于擦洗,面霜和面部按摩,以帮助莎莉跟上她的形象与*的流行趋势,其中包括明星和名人照出来。 以上描述中存在违反广告法的内容,自动用*代替
  5. 打发冒险者轻而易举

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    《打发冒险者轻而易举 女主人「冒険者ってちょろいわね」酒场経営シミュレーション》是款模拟经营类型的小品游戏,玩家将扮演美丽的酒店老闆娘,某日有冒险者过来投宿,应付完之后冒险者又踏上冒险旅途,意外的是之后冒险者又带着东西回来送给老闆娘,此时老闆娘想到了更好的赚钱方式。
  6. 白雪王子太犯规

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  7. 极限飞行 VR

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    「极限飞行 VR Voxel Fly Merge VR」是Cenda Games开发的一款VR飞行游戏。 这是一款没有尽头的游戏,击败记录在这是不可能的。躲避所有的汽车和障碍,努力比你的朋友飞得更远。这是特殊版本的沉浸式VR。 要享受这种虚拟现实体验,给你的智能手机配一个沉浸式VR眼镜。
  8. 叙利亚战争

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  9. Kotak Mobile Stock Trader

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    Kotak introduces Kotak Stock Trader app - a unique stock trading mobile based application for Android that lets you trade, view latest quotes, track portfolio and market movements, analyse market trends, get live research calls, and do much more instantly. The Kotak Stock Trader mobile trading app provides you with the right tools to keep up with India's biggest stock exchanges - the BSE and the NSE.
    With Kotak Stock Trader mobile app, you now have the stock market right in your hand, giving you more power while you’re on the move.
    With Kotak Stock Trader mobile stock trading app you can
    • Trade in Stocks, Derivatives & Currency Derivatives
    • Place orders. Modify or Cancel pending orders
    • Check available margin in the account
    • Check available funds, Order status and day's positions
    • Track Live Market movements by viewing the levels of Sensex & Nifty
    • Get Market and Indices updates
    • Trade in Futures & Options - Track equity and index derivatives
    • Track your portfolio performance
    • View Intraday Charts - Stay on top of the Nifty and Sensex Updates
    • Get Customizable as well as predefined watchlists
    • Get stock quotes - Live feeds ensure the fastest quotes
    • Get stock tips from market experts
    So, get started now.
    If you are not a Kotak Securities customer, you can still use this application as a guest and start tracking the market! To become a Kotak Securities customer fill a simple account opening form on http://www.kotaksecurities.com/whatweoffer/demat-account.html‎
    For more details about the app head to http://www.kotaksecurities.com/whatweoffer/mobiletrading.html.
    科塔克介绍科塔克证券交易应用程序 - 一个独特的股票交易基于移动应用程序的Andr​​oid,让你交易,查看最新的报价,跟踪投资组合和市场走势,分析市场趋势,获取现场调研通话,以及做更多事情瞬间。该科塔克股票操盘手的移动交易应用程序为您提供了合适的工具,以跟上印度最大的证券交易所 - 疯牛病和NSE。
    •买卖期货及期权 - 跟踪股票及指数衍生产品
    •查看盘中走势图 - 留在了俏皮和Sensex指数更新的顶部
    •获取股票行情 - 实时饲料保证了最快的报价
  10. ねこねこ岛

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  11. 哆唻咪 ABC

    390人安装 4.06MB
    Kids learn alphabets, uppercase and lowercase, word formation, numbers, counting, elementary arithmetic (addition and subtraction), colors, shapes, music, and the sounds of musical instruments, animals, and vehicles. "ABC 123 Doremi" is the best all-in-one kids educational game for your toddler/preschooler.

    ✔ Demo edition (no ads) has limited features. Get the full edition to unlock all games:
    ★★ http://bit.ly/P2uABM ★★

    The games (full edition):
    ★ "The Piano" (Easy): Learn to enjoy and explore music through the minimalistic and colorful 8 key piano. Learn to play (freestyle-mode or guided-mode) popular nursery rhymes like "London Bridge Is Falling Down", "Mary Had a Little Lamb", "Row, Row, Row Your Boat", "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star", "Jingle Bells", "Old MacDonald Had a Farm", and "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow".
    ★ "The Alphabets" (Easy): Learn the shapes and sounds of letters A-Z.
    ★ "A for Apple, B for ..." (Easy): Learn the formation and sounds of simple words illustrated with drawings.
    ★ "Upper & lower cases" (Medium): Learn to distinguish A-Z letter cases.
    ★ "Starts with the letter" (Medium): Learn to distinguish the first letters of simple words illustrated with drawings.
    ★ "ABC's Match the pairs" (Hard): Improve memory and stimulate brain cell growth by matching words illustrated with drawings.
    ★ "Colors & Shapes" (Hard): Learn to distinguish colors and shapes.
    ★ "The Numbers" (Easy): Learn the shapes and sounds of numbers 0-20.
    ★ "123's Match the pairs" (Hard): Improve memory and stimulate brain cell growth by matching identical numbers.
    ★ "Learn to count" (Easy): Learn the concept of quantity.
    ★ "Practise counting" (Medium): Practise counting from 1-20.
    ★ "Addition" (Hard): Learn the mathematical operation of addition.
    ★ "Subtraction" (Hard): Learn the mathematical operation of subtraction.
    ★ "Animal Sounds" (Easy): Learn the sounds of animals - dog, cat, horse, donkey, cow, bird, chicken and more.
    ★ "Instrument Sounds" (Easy): Learn the sounds of musical instruments - guitar, piano, harp, violin, drums, saxophone and more.
    ★ "Vehicle Sounds" (Easy): Learn the sounds of vehicles - ambulance, police car, truck, helicopter, airplane, ship and more.

    ✔ Hand pointers are provided to guide the young learner.
    ✔ Collect colorful badges at the end of each "ABC" and "123" games.
    ✔ Parents may track the children's learning progress through the badges they collect.
    ✔ The amount and randomness of the badges increases replay value and encourages more practice.
    ✔ The sailing boat in all "ABC" and "123" games indicates the game progress and motivates the player.
    ✔ Clean, simple and intuitive user interface optimized for kids.

    Privacy Policy:
    We do not collect, store, or share any personal or location information.

    Download Issues:
    If you have problems downloading ABC 123 Doremi, here are some user recommended solutions:
    - Go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications > Google Play Store/Market's > Clear cache. Re-download the app.
    - Go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications > Download Manager > Clear data. Re-download the app.
    - Go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications > Google Talk Service > Clear data. Re-download the app.
    - Go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications > Checkin Service > Clear data. Re-download the app.
    - Restart your device. Make sure you have internet connectivity. Re-download the app.

  12. 我的小小地牢

    390人安装 33.11MB
    我的小小地牢 My Little Dungeon是一款以地牢为题材的RPG游戏。玩家可以在游戏中,进行无尽的地牢冒险,各种奇怪的生物,各种炫酷的技能,还有各种buff效果,外加五大地牢世界,等着你来。喜欢探索地下城的玩家千万不要错过哦!
  13. 美发沙龙斯泰勒

    443人安装 23.29MB
    Hair styler Salon, Makeovers & Hair Spa Salon of thumb characters.Hundreds of hair style, makeup, clothes, and accessories to choose from!Let's play the Hair Styler Salon . To be a barber and design various hairstyles for your customer.Share your Character's with friends and family!FEATURES:----------------------- Hundred of possibilities of Hair Style with Hair Spa facility- 1000s of possibilities in Makeup & Accessories- Makeover the character step by step.- Share your designs with friends over Facebook- Save your hair styles to your phone for future reference
  14. 炼金术师的小小工房

    469人安装 54.08MB
  15. 剃须刀

    894人安装 540.04KB
  16. 小鬼当家

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    """优惠活动:随时随地查看最新优惠活动与资讯;商品展示: 小鬼当家是一家专为0-12岁婴幼儿童的摄影机构。预约服务:提前预约,服务更贴心;一键分享:好产品、好服务当然要和好伙伴一起分享;门店导航:一键导航,帮你轻松到店。即刻下载小鬼当家,产品品质过硬,照片保证质量。"