1. 汉堡-大弗尔南多

    4.1万人安装 7.81MB
    Burger is coming back! This time with a French Touch! Once again, the famous Magma Mobile burger-serving game is coming back for your best enjoyment! In association with up and coming trendy French restaurant, Big Fernand, we are bringing you a French touch to your favorite tasty game! This time, you are a brand new employee at Big Fernand and your job is to serve as many clients as fast as possible. You take orders from your customers, serving the customized sandwiches and burgers, deserts and sodas. The more you play, the more ingredients will appear in this “à la française” fast-food! The faster you are, the more tips you can collect! Take up the challenge and try the Career Mode to cope with a higher difficulty each day of the year! Work from Monday to Saturday and reach your goal to get more money and new ingredients for the service. Then if you are a great employee, you will even get the opportunity to unlock all the game’s achievements! Time is money! Try also to do your best in the Time Attack Mode to collect a maximum of coins within the time limit! This time management game will definitely entertain and challenge all the family! Features of Burger - Big Fernand Edition: -“100% Made in France” ingredients’ list: bread, beef, pickled onions, poitrine fumée (bacon), grilled eggplant, chicken “maison”, marinated peppers, Raclette, Fourme d’Ambert (French blue-veined cheese), gravlax mayonnaise, barbecue sauce “maison”, Fernandines (homemade fries), cheesecake Petit Beurre, Franstache, choco-cookie milk, organic lemonade and fruit juice. -More than 300 levels and 40 achievements for Burger addicts! So come play now Burger - Big Fernand Edition and become the master king of burgers “à la française”!
  2. 越野模拟器

    4.1万人安装 49.1MB
    越野模拟器(Off Road Simulator)是VetStudio开发的一款赛车类游戏。 越野模拟器(Off Road Simulator)的官方介绍 模拟越野车,侧重于物理和汽车的现实行为的领域!主要目标是克服所有障碍,并获得正确的地方,在最困难的地方不放弃! 该游戏有两张地图和三款车
  3. 梦幻女友

    4.1万人安装 13.35MB
    The hit Japanese dress-up simulator Dream Girlfriend is being enjoyed by anime fans all around the world, with millions of downloads worldwide! Choose from a huge range of options to customize your girl just like your favorite characters! Chat, interact and watch her move with detailed emotion with Live2D technology! Features: ・Create up to four cute anime girls at once. ・Live2D technology adds emotive motion. ・11 different personalities with huge speech variation. ・A walk-in closet with over 20 different customizable slots. ・Updated regularly with events, campaigns and more. ・Romantic interactions and fashion competitions included. Join us on social media! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dreamgfENG/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/dreamgfENG
  4. 束缚人的女友 中文版

    4.1万人安装 42.92MB
    与命中注定的少女相遇。从那天开始,你的生活就发生了巨变。。。等待你的是「和女友的热恋生活!?」还是。。。??请一定要在游戏中体验。◎故事内容有一天在电车里遇到美少女。难。道。是,突然的告白!!当然是OK回答的你,开始了和女友的同居生活。。。2人的热恋世界开始的同时,有些变化也。。。而且,惊人的发展和特别的秘密也越来越明朗!?心惊胆颤的恋爱故事就这样开始了◎出场人物【女友】在世间成为话题的美少女偶像。*喜欢你这个男友,所以出现了过激的爱情表现。。。【小恶魔妹】同父异母的妹妹,*喜欢你这个哥哥!超级小恶魔总是让人头痛【其他】有点不可思议的兔子也登场!?◎游戏方法快乐体验和女友的同居生活吧。1.做饭,然后和女友一起吃2.女友散乱的房间也得收拾3.女友焦躁的时候安抚她。请一定要充分体验与女友的心跳同居生活! 以上描述中存在违反广告法的内容,自动用*代替 【基本信息】 作者:来自Google Play 更新时间:2015-10-10 版本:1.8 系统:Android 3.0.x以上 语言:其他
  5. 卡车运送3D

    4.1万人安装 22.85MB
  6. 养只宠物

    4.1万人安装 14.04MB
  7. 领主和城堡

    4.1万人安装 95.05MB
    来一起建造属于你的城堡吧!创建山脉,建好城墙,建造一座雄伟的巨型城堡!研究新的技术,在战场上打败你的敌人,让你的领土无限扩张,成为最强领主! 掠夺资源、建立防御、加入联盟,一起来玩吧!
  8. 怪物医院 - 儿童游戏

    4万人安装 23.3MB
  9. 开心超市

    4万人安装 73.2MB
    在开心超市中,玩家将扮演一个超市的经营者,布置超市货架、雇佣店员、迎接顾客并获取利润的整个过程,开心超市是以超市为背景的模拟经营类游戏。 开心超市除了可以替好友帮助顾客,也可以给好友的超市众筹。其中超市的个性装饰也可以让玩家打造与众不同的超市。 整个游戏模拟了整个超市经营的过程,并在玩法上加入轻松有趣塔防元素。在玩家经营超市的同时,也会感受到“满足顾客需求”带来的乐趣。 开心超市讲究合理的给超市布局并与好友产生多种多样的互动,好友越多获得的资源越多,乐趣就越多。
  10. 3D停车场II

    4万人安装 10.93MB
  11. 海上漂流记:新世界:Shipwrecked New World

    4万人安装 46.93MB
    Explore the lush woods and mud bay in this paradise town. Challenge yourself and build your own adventure town, city or farm by clearing out a blissful town. Venture into this island and create your own vivid bay. Have fun in this blissful farm land simulation game. Things to do in this treasure island filled with joyride: ● Use a sword or axe to breach through the vivid woods and venture through obstacles. ● Forge royal houses and royal buildings from blissful woods to live in star flow. ● Make your own fortune story - grow and harvest crops, fruits and vegetables to survive and win daily rewards in this powerhouse fortune bay. ● Joyride to your own blissful shed in this paradise fortune bay. ● Forge your own mud fortress of venture in a paradise city. ● Dare yourself to Team Challenges and other Limited Edition expedition. ● Get bonus resources during time bound sales events or by harvesting debris. ● Board the force and draw honor rewards like sword, gold, spirit and silver coins to progress in the game. ● Play mini games, quests and team challenges on other treasure island star flow. ● Compete with friends like mud wizard on social team challenges and win big honor. ● Spawn your country escape and explore this island from a long time ago i.e. ice age in frontierville. ● Build a muddy township or city from the land for your neighbors in lush frontierville. ● Customize the land as you want it. Make a treasure dairy farm, an enchanted village city or a subway out of this adventure bay. Decorate your land with many collectibles in frontierville. Whether you are adventurous or want to pass time... Challenge yourself down this lush adventure road. Explore the muddy powerhouse characters who seek your help to restore it from a tiny paradise farm to a great city/town! Enjoy the original of all role play, multiplayer RockYou games (Shipwrecked, Westbound, Goldrush, Volcano Island, Skull Island & New World). Supported on most smartphones and tablets. Note: You must be at least 13 years of age to play or download this game. For more information, please refer to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. There are no cheats for this shipwrecked game. ~~~~~ NOTE ~~~~~ IN-APP PAYMENTS: The game is free to play, but you can buy special items to use in the game. NOTE TO PARENTS: This game may include direct links to social networking sites that are intended for an audience that is at least 13 years of age; direct links to the internet with the potential to browse any web page; and advertising of RockYou products and products from select partners. Bug fixes!!
  12. 奢华咖啡厅

    4万人安装 21.15MB
    由NBGI出品,是一款画面精致的模拟经营类游戏。 你需要合理布置你的咖啡厅,来吸引给多的顾客。 多种装饰任你选择,在无尽的搭配可能性中,找到一个你想要的完美组合。 你需要完美更多的奢华装饰。 你也可以去参观别的玩家设计的咖啡厅,而且可以“赞”一下它。
  13. Bowling King

    4万人安装 36.75MB
    *** World's Greatest 1-on-1 Multiplayer Bowling : Bowling King! *** *** Bowl against players around the world and become Bowling King! *** *** Download now for free! *** * Features - Intuitive tap-and-swipe control - Fantastic Bowling alleys around the world : Las Vegas, New York, Sydney, Paris and more! - Gorgeous 60+ Bowling Balls, 27 Pins & Lanes to show off your class. - 1-on-1 Mode : Real-time and speedy 1-on-1 multiplayer match! - Tournaments: Multiplayer tournaments matches to win millions of chips! - Challenge Mode : Clear a variety of stages and take rewards for free! - Play with your friends : Bowl together with your friends anytime anywhere! - Mini Games : Slot and Roulette chances! - 5 Rankings are ready for you to rise through. - 120+ Achievements. - Multi Language support : English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. * This game requires internet connection. * Play on the Web at https://apps.facebook.com/pnixgamesbowlingking/ * Follow us on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/theBowlingKing
  14. 大型钓鱼史前鱼类DLC

    3.9万人安装 4.08MB
  15. 装饰我的家

    3.9万人安装 30.49MB
  16. 明星大厨

    3.9万人安装 88.09MB