1. 卡通城停车场

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    卡通城停车场是一个3D的汽车模拟器游戏。这个游戏模拟各种停车技术。- 50个级别,从易到难- 轻触方向盘- 轻触刹车,减速,加速- 质量的三维图形- 品质音效- 真实的汽车物理
  2. まちがいさがそ♪~みつけたシリーズ~

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  3. 我来了!堀北真希酱

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  4. 魔法、ひとつくださいな。 LITE

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  5. ScoutLook Hunting

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    ScoutLook Hunting is a free map-based app that offers hunters pinpoint global weather forecasts and location management. Save unlimited hunting locations (treestands, blinds, trail cameras, etc.) to your free account. Revisit your saved locations to plan future hunts and be in the right place at the right time! <br />Weather forecast details include temperature, cloud cover, precipitation, barometric pressure, wind activity, sunrise and sunset times, moon phase and a radar map overlay. <br />Maps load quickly and accurately and offer the following layers: satellite map, topographic map and street-view map. Use your smartphone’s GPS to navigate, even without Internet connectivity. <br />ScoutLook’s ScentCone&reg; Wind Map lets you see where your scent will blow hour by hour, for 72 hours, so you can precisely plan successful deer and big-game hunts. NEW: Save ideal wind conditions for each hunting location and ScentCone&reg; will display a color-coded indicator to help you choose the best locations for given wind conditions. <br />Our SetZone&reg; Wind Map shows waterfowl hunters a 72-hour wind forecast to predict the best decoy setups. <br />Save ScoutMarX to mark trails, parking areas, campsites, food plots, rubs, scrapes, scat, shed antlers, blood trails and more. <br />Use the ScoutLook logging system to keep track of game animal activities and establish lethal patterns. Unique logging options are separately dedicated to big game, deer, turkeys, predators, waterfowl and hogs. <br />Manage specific hunting properties by allowing hunters to view property details and contribute game activity logs with a secure property access code. <br />ScoutLook Hunting is offered at no charge because of support from loyal advertisers with trustworthy products. <br />ScoutLook狩猎是一个免费的基于地图的应用程序,提供猎人查明全球天气预报和位置管理。保存无限的狩猎场所(treestands,百叶窗,跟踪摄像机等)到您的免费​​帐户。重温你储存的位置来规划未来的狩猎,并在正确的地方在正确的时间! <br />&nbsp; <br />天气预报细节,包括温度,云,降水,气压,风活动,日出和日落时间,月相和雷达地图覆盖。 <br />地图加载迅速,准确,并提供以下几层:卫星地图,地形图和街景地图。使用智能手机的GPS导航,即使没有互联网连接。 <br />ScoutLook的ScentCone&reg;风地图可以让你看到你的气味会吹小时按小时,72小时,这样你就可以准确地计划成功的鹿,大游戏狩猎。新功能:保存理想的风力条件对每个狩猎地点和ScentCone&reg;会显示一个颜色编码指标,以帮助您选择适合特定风力条件的最佳地点。 <br />&nbsp; <br />我们SetZone&reg;风地图显示水禽猎人72小时的风速预测预测最好的诱饵设置。 <br />保存ScoutMarX纪念步道,停车区,露营地,粮食地块,揉,刮,SCAT,鹿角脱落,血液步道等等。 <br />使用ScoutLook记录系统来跟踪猎物的活动,并建立致命的模式。唯一的日志记录选项分别致力于大型游戏,鹿,火鸡,食肉动物,水禽和猪。 <br />&nbsp; <br />通过允许猎人来查看属性的详细信息,并有助于与安全性访问代码的游戏活动日志管理特定的狩猎属性。 <br />&nbsp; <br />因为从广告商的忠诚与值得信赖的产品支持ScoutLook狩猎是免费提供。 <br />
  6. 大合戦!ねこ島奮闘記~超ハマる街発展×バトルゲーム~

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    ねこ島を開拓しながら迫り来る敵を倒そう!街を発展させながら資金を回収しよう! どんどん強くなる可愛いねこキャラクター達! 爽快なタップバトル! 全国のユーザーとのランキングバトル! ①資金の回収 タップするだけのお手軽回収! ねこ島を開拓して建設した施設から売上などを回収しよう! ②ねこ戦士を強化 回収したゴールドを使ってねこ達を強化しよう! レベルが上がれば上がるほど、 指数的に能力UP^^ ③爽快大合戦バトル 仲間にしたねこ達がそれぞれの特徴を活かして戦う大合戦は必見! 爽快バトルに参戦しよう! あなたのタップがねこたちの力に!! ④全国のユーザーと勝負 ランキングバトルシステム搭載! 全国のライバルと競争だ!! ランキング上位入賞者には豪華特典も★
  7. Online Kid Stunt Racing 3D

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  8. HungerGamesPremier

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    《嘲笑鸟VR Mockingjay VR》是一款VR模拟游戏。沉浸在饥饿游戏的电影之中,目睹整个事件的发生。
  9. 喷气大师

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    2048年...地球。 这个时代的地球已实现了车在天上飞, 随之人们的生活方式也发生了变化…。 人们的家里都配置有着陆用端口, 交通手段也逐渐被私人喷气式取代了。 而且运输公司和快递公司,主要被称为 ”喷气运输机”, 喷气机空运快递到家。 在这样的社会形势中, 在这个春天晴朗的日子成为社会人的你, 就职于某运输公司。 这个故事就是你成为喷气运输机的驾驶员, 给人们运送货物和真心的故事。
  10. ONLINE免费贴图☆日本可爱贴图 蘑菇少女莉卡 中文版

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    日本可爱的中文版蘑菇少女莉卡贴图登场!我们是日本的绘画家,因为我们相当喜欢台湾,特别做了中文版的贴图!拥有许多丰富表情的蘑菇少女莉卡贴图,请大家使用看看喔! <br />未来也希望能够拓广日台友好关系,期望能有更多的台湾插画家,一同参与制作本类型的贴图专用app<br />有兴趣的台湾插画家请不用客气,可以直接与我们联络。 <br />info@applisaurus.net <br />拥有许多丰富表情的大眼巴哥贴图,请大家使用看看喔! <br />你可以用这个进程做什么<br />LINE贴图<br />Facebook<br />WhatsApp<br />WeChat<br />BeeTalk<br />Twitter<br />Kakao <br />Viber<br />等Messenger的应用 <br />你可以轻松地发送一个可爱的贴图 <br />
  11. Ocean Craft Multiplayer Free

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    Craft, battle and build underwater as a sea creature online with players around the world! Beautiful 3D map environments, Marine, Atlantis, Castle, FishBowl, Tribute, City, Lighthouse and Graveyard Team up to complete quests and battle enemy Piranha and Sharks for shiny experience coins. Be unique, customise and dress up your characters skin, trail colour and perk. Role play and chat safely in game on this cross platform multiplayer, play with friends on almost any device! - Full version differences - Extra characters, Dolphin, Shark, Starfish, Oyster, Jellyfish, Goldfish, Eel, Squid and Orca Killer whale Five more maps and map options, Fishbowl, Tribute, City, Lighthouse and Graveyard More hats! Less adverts Chat input limit increased Secondary bonus perk option Can see more names on scoreboard Helps support servers and the developer Created and run by one person, thanks for playing and supporting me! ^_^ - Steve the Developer. Cheaters and players using bad language may be banned from all my games, you have been warned ! - 3.1 Highlights - Hat Accessories added! (10 types, 3 colours each) ‘ in help command fixed Wait times in tutorial halved Inventory switch time halved Energy used per action 25% less Tutorial energy bar icon wrong fixed Auto post score for rank 10 and up not rank 5 Whose afk kicked not showing fixed Filter button fixed Lighting and bg colours adjusted Rotation follow speed lowered 3d menu name more detailed Trail effects last longer (Enemy, Player and Wand) Enemy trail has red tint so it can be seen better Damage particles adjusted, can be seen easier and more detailed (White your damage, black enemy damage, b&w enemy damaging you) Free version now can see top 20 ranks Adverts appear even less Fixed games list sometimes not loading
  12. 单相思的故事

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