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  1. 海鸟吃鱼 Seabirds

    In the cold Antarctic, fish stocks have run out. Whole colonies of seabirds are going hungry.
    Luckily, some brave souls have been found among the penguins. They have volunteered to set off in search of fish to save their fellows from starvation. The four inseparable friends - Jimmy, Carl, Vincent and the charming Amanda - have long dreamed of journeying to distant lands, and now they finally have their chance.
    The friends set off in search of fish, a journey that is full of weird adventures and wonderful surprises. Together with the penguins, you will visit the icy waters of the Southern Ocean, tropical island paradises, and even a water area in an ultra-modern metropolis. On the way you will meet funny, friendly creatures who will show you the places where fish are in abundance.
    However, in order to send shoals of fish to the shores of the Antarctic, you will have to display skill by solving the various puzzles set by the amusing creatures for you and the penguins. Skillfully use numerous devices, tame albatrosses and be wary of sharks. Don't waste a single second! Try to earn three gold fish in each level - they are your key to success!
    - 70 levels of pure puzzle-arcade adventure including 10 sensational bonus levels!
    - Realistic physics and lots of hilarious animations.
    - Unique main characters: Amusing penguins, comical fish, loud albatrosses, a hungry shark and more.
    - Different types of objects and gadgets to diversify gameplay.
    - Five worlds, five funny friends, dozens of surprises.
    - Amazing music and sound effects.
    - Reset option.
    - Support for multiple languages.
    Join us at http://www.facebook.com/seabirdsgame
    幸运的是,一些勇敢的灵魂已经被发现之间的企鹅。他们主动掀起搜索的鱼从饥饿中拯救他们的同伴。四个形影不离的朋友,卡尔 - 吉米,文森特和迷人的阿曼达 - 已久的梦想长途跋涉到遥远的国度,而现在他们终于有了自己的机会。
    然而,为了送鱼的南极海岸滩涂,就会显示技术解决各种难题的有趣的生物,你和企鹅。熟练使用多种设备,温顺的信天翁和警惕鲨鱼。不要浪费一分一秒!尝试在每个级别中获得三金鱼 - 它们是你成功的关键!
    - 70级的纯解谜街机冒险,包括10个耸人听闻的奖金水平!
    - 真实的物理和大量的热闹动画。
    - 独特的主角:有趣的企鹅,滑稽的鱼,大声的信天翁,一只饥饿的鲨鱼多。
    - 不同类型的对象和小工具多样化的游戏体验。
    - 世界,有趣的朋友,几十个惊喜。
    - 惊人的音乐和声音效果。
    - 复位选项。
    - 支持多国语言。

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