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  1. 燃烧的蔬菜英文版

    The monsters have been eating way too much junk food, and now they’re hungry for something healthy – you! Take your team of valiant veggies into battle as you attempt to keep the monsters from invading your plot.
    An action-packed game of good food versus bad diet, featuring fast, intense gameplay as you repel the ravenous monsters using your powerful veggie catapult. It’s eat or be eaten in Grow Away!
    Armed only with a touch-powered catapult, you are the last line of leafy defense as a herd of herbaceous-hunting monsters storm the veggies’ homeland. Load different types of gallant greenery into your catapult and pound your enemies with powerful produce before it’s too late and they plow through your garden’s barricades.
    Nine types of vegetables are available in Grow Away to help you repel the greedy invaders. The irrepressible onion that makes your enemies cry in terror, the brave tomato that makes a marvelous mess of your opposition, the fearless garlic that lingers on the battlefield and many other gallant gardening goods are all ready to go to war against the malnourished monsters.
    The fight between the organic heroes and mutated monsters spans four different worlds as you attempt to defend your armored allotment. The Green Plains, Plague Jungle, Chili Mountain and the Yellow Stone Ridge are all under assault, so take command of the vegetable army and put the animal aggressors out to pasture once and for all.
    Grow Away is a fun and addictive game for all the family, with outstanding comic book graphics, cute characters and thrilling touchscreen-controlled, catapult-pounding gameplay. Join in the action-packed feast of good food versus bad diet, and make those malnourished monsters eat their greens whether they want to or not!
    For more information or support, please visit www.chillingo.com
    的怪物已经吃了太多的垃圾食品,而现在他们健康的东西 - 你饿了!带您的团队的勇敢的蔬菜进入战斗,当你试图保持的怪物入侵你的曲线。
    - 变做个素食者

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  2. 胜利棒球队

    bases loaded, two outs in the ninth inning! If you were a baseball manager, what would you do? John McGraw? Joe McCarthy? You can also be a legendary baseball manager.
    "Victory Baseball Team" is a baseball team management simulation game in which a player becomes a baseball manager to assign manage team's lineup, command orders during the games, and scout new players with collected assets.
    Check your potentials as a future baseball manager with "Victory Baseball Team"!
    * Features
    1. Simple rules to play (You don't need to know much about baseball.)
    2. 5 levels of players on their performance
    3. Total 6 leagues of difficulty level
    4. Baseball card system that is offered according to the team's performance and records
    5. Great simulation of realistic baseball games
    6. Hundreds of attractive characters and realistic motions
    7. Detailed players' data on their abilities
    8. Fun and interesting commentary during the games
    * Command description
    The game generates various situations based on each of baseball players' abilities. By selecting one of four given commands, the baseball manager can increase the probability of the best situation. The choice of the manager's command will greatly influence the result of a game.
    - "Just do it yourself" (Hitter/Pitcher)
    Let the player play by himself. The results depend only on a players' ability.
    Tip) Use this most of the time and use other commands in only specific cases because the frequent use of other commands results in decreasing their effects.
    - "Full swing, Go homer!" (Hitter)
    Let the hitter take in full swing. It is more likely to hit a home run but is more likely to hit an outfield fly.
    Frequent uses will increase the probability of outfield fly balls.
    Tip) This is useful when you can score just by hitting an outfield fly.
    - "Use a short swing for a hit" (Hitter)
    It is more likely to get a hit but is more likely to be grounded out.
    Frequent uses will increase the probability of a grounder.
    Tip) When two outs, second base or third base loaded, it's perfect time to use this.
    Tip) Slow runners may lead a double play.
    -"Take till the first strike" (Hitter)
    It is more likely to get an intentional walk but is more likely to be struck out.
    Frequent uses will increase the probability of a strikeout.
    Tip) Use this when you want to advance the bases and avoid a double play.
    - "Fast ball to strike out!" (Pitcher)
    It is more likely to strike out but is more likely to be hit a home run.
    Frequent uses will increase the probability of a home run.
    Tip) Use this when you'd rather be hit a home run than the bases are full loaded.
    - "Carefully, Target to corner"(Pitcher)
    It is more likely to ground out but is more likely to be get an intentional base on balls.
    Frequent uses will increase the probability of a walk.
    Tip) When a runner is at the first base, it's good time to use this for a double play.
    - "Intentional base on balls"(Pitcher)
    If you meet a power hitter and bases are loaded, it's a good strategy to him walk.
    * Players ability description
    - Stamina(Hitter/Pitcher) : After each inning, a certain amount of stamina decreases. A player who lost his stamina can only perform 50% of his ability.
    - Power(H) : The more power is the more likely to hit a home run.
    - Contact(H) : The more contact is the more likely to hit safely.
    - Run(H) : The more run is the more likely to run safely to the next base.
    - Mental(H) : The more mental is the more likely to draw a base on balls.
    - Speed(P) : The more speed is the more likely to strike out and fly out.
    - Movement(P) : The more movement is the more likely to ground out and fly out.
    - Control(P) : The more control is the less likely to be drawn a base on balls.
    - Mental(P) : The more mental is the less likely to be hit a home run.
    - “只要自己做”(挥臂/投手)
    - “全面展开,进入本垒打!” (击球手)
    - “使用短摆的一击”(击球手)
    - “拿,直到第一击”(击球手)
    - “快球击打出去!” (投手)
    - “小心,目标垄断”(投手)
    - “基地故意四坏球”(投手)
    - 耐力(挥臂/投手):每局结束后,一定量的体力下降。一个球员谁失去了他的体力只能执行了他的能力50%。
    - 电源(H):更多的权力是更容易打了一个本垒打。
    - 联系(H):越接触就越有可能安全地击中。
    - 运行(H):越跑是更容易安全地到下一个基地运行。
    - 精神(H):越精神是更容易吸引上球的基地。
    - 速度(P):越速度越容易剔除,并飞了出去。
    - 运动(P):越运动越容易地出来,飞了出去。
    - 控制(P):在多个控制是不太可能被绘制的底座上的球。
    - 精神(P):在更多的心理是不太可能被打了一个本垒打。

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