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  1. 疫苗谜题

    Store, mix, and pour the vaccine out to eradicate the virus.
    Your brains’ll be pouring out too with the soaring difficulty of this “gusher” puzzle game.
    That’s what Vaccine Case’s all about.
    Even the judges got hooked by surprise! Winner of the Adobe AIR Contest 2012 Multiplatform Award!
    The key to everything is the order you open the partitions holding back the vaccines.
    Eliminate each stage’s virus cells with vaccines of matching colors by trial & error.
    The free version has 12 stages.
    The full version “Vaccine Case” has 100 stages of abundant designs and tricks.
    • The object is to open the partitions, and let out the vaccine to eradicate the virus cells of the same color.
    • However, when you eliminate even one cell, the vaccine will turn clear and no longer work.
    • When you make a mistake, you can go back step by step with the UNDO button on the lower left (at most ten times).
    • You cannot open partitions between vaccines of different colors.
    • As the game progresses purple and orange viruses will also appear. Mix the vaccines to make the appropriate colors with the mixer.

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