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  1. 地狱诗歌第二章 Infernus: Verse 2

    "Verse 2 is unquestionably well delivered on an aesthetic level..." - iFanZine.com
    "Verse 2 does continue the story a fair bit, with the same excellent presentation..." - PocketGamer.com
    "Are you a fan of the mystery and problem solving excitement that can only be found in hidden object games like Myst? If so, you won’t want to miss the chronicles of Infernus..." - AppAdvice.com
    Infernus: Verse 2 continues the epic saga that Verse 1 started. There is no way to understand the world through the lens of Infernus without immersing oneself into its universe. After escaping from the cell, the lessons and discoveries that take place will leave you questioning anything and everything. No game has taken this level of realism to a phone/tablet and delivered a story like this. Join the following that is already asking: What is Infernus...?
    * Cutting-Edge Graphics
    * Google I/O 2011 Sandbox Developer
    * Samsung Bada 2010 GDC Winner
    * Over 250,000 Verse 1 Users
    * Over 2,000,000 Motalenians
    * Join the growing number of fans

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