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  1. 都市摩天楼之革命 Tower Bloxx Revolution

    Welcome to the dazzling future of Tower Building!!
    Tower Bloxx Revolution, is a sequel to the world wide smash hit series of Tower Bloxx, now with a revolutionary gameplay experience! Enter the fabulous - futuristic world of Sky City – 2699 and go beyond limits in building the most colorful and wacky sky scrapping Towers ever!

    Experience 3 fun filled games in one game, in a sci-fi world beyond! Build colorful towers to house the space toons, gain color combos and cool power ups that boost the speed of tower building, beat all your opponents and top the charts as the Richest Architect ever!

    3 dazzling & engaging NEW games in one:
    Casual Game – how Rich can you get?
    Swift Game – how many Towers can you build, before the Time runs out?
    Frenzy Game – how quickly can you Align all the blocks? An ultimate test of Reflexes & Speed!
    Intuitive and Simple one touch/button gameplay.
    Amazing visuals of the Future - year 2699.
    Active Leaderboard system, wherein each opponent competes with each other and with the Player in every game session, keeping the pace always active.
    Over 10 cool Power ups such as Booster, Auto Align, Magnet, Freeze and a lot more.
    New “Super Combo Session” that engages the player with cash and height reward in Casual game mode.
    New & Never before experienced mini-game “Try Your Luck!” which is a luck based card picking game that rewards you with cool Bonuses.
    New Record system, that holds statistics and information of every single achievement of the Player inducing the drive to achieve more!
    New Tower Review system records your tower design, color, structure and displays it at the end of the game session for you to review and hone your performance further.
    The Award-winning gameplay of Tower Bloxx(TM) now comes with many times more fun!


    塔Bloxx革命,是全球范围内红极一时的塔Bloxx系列的续集,现在一个革命性的游戏体验!进入美妙的 - 未来世界的天空之城 - 2699超越界限建设报废塔有史以来最丰富多彩和古怪的天空!


    休闲游戏 - 多么富有,你能得到什么呢?
    斯威夫特游戏 - 你可以建立多少塔,在时间耗尽之前?
    疯狂游戏 - 速度有多快,你可以​​将所有的块?终极测试的反射与速度!
    惊人的视觉效果的未来 - 2699年。

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