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  1. 樱桃怪物

    Help Gralch get to the end of the trail in his attempt to find his lost friends!
    Are you ready for fun? Help Gralch get to the end of the trail in his attempt to solve the mystery of his lost friends. Put your reflexes to the test as you help Gralch fly across the landscapes. With simple controls, navigate your way to avoid obstacles and collect cherries.
    It isn't a game about how an angry monster goes around chasing birds or searching for apple and cherries..
    ★It is a fun monster game! ★
    And so the story goes..
    "On a faraway island lived Gralch and his friends who share a love for travelling. They moved across the lands in search for their favourite fruit of all; cherries. One faithful morning, Gralch wakes up to find his friends missing. The only clue he found was a message written in the ground which said, “Follow the cherries”.
    Suddenly, Gralch finds himself all alone in this adventure! Without any hesitation, he picked himself up from the ground and started running towards all the cherries in sight! Who wrote the message? Where will the trail of cherries end? Will Gralch ever find his companions or would he be left alone? Follow Gralch on his adventure to track down his friends as he begins to learn that there’s a bigger world out there than just cherries."
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  2. 僵尸飞靶


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