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  1. 米孟的任务

    很久之前,在一片被遗忘的神秘土地上,居住着一位小巫师,名叫Memon。他拥有一种名为“神之视线”的特殊本领,他可以用这个本领操控五大元素。如果能够同时聚集若干同种元素,便能催生出巨大的魔法能量,诸如,火球,冰块,治愈能力等等。一日,突然天地变色,日月无光,许多残暴的怪兽驾着乌云闯入这片和谐的净土。为了保护自己的家乡,Memon决定用自己的本领与恶魔对抗。 玩家需要记忆屏幕中间瓦块上的元素符号并牢记他们的位置,将瓦块翻面后,按记忆翻出相同元素的瓦块,翻出正确的瓦块越多攻击力越强,否则攻击失败。游戏共五大区域,共30关,快来挑战你的记忆力吧! In a forgotten time, on a forgotten land, lives a boy wizard called Memon. Memon possesses a special gift of 'divine sight' - a momentary magical portal to the 'cosmic elements' around him. By harvesting and transforming cosmic elements belonging to the same type, Memon can conjure numerous magical powers, such as fireball, ice spikes, heal, to name a few. On a fateful day, a sinister dark cloud appears out of nowhere and unleashes hordes of demonic creatures onto Memon's home land, terrorising and devouring every living being. Determined to save his beloved world from a cruel demise, the brave Memon embarks on a courageous quest to defeat the hostile invaders with his magical powers! Memon's Quest presents a unique gameplay unseen in any other games. - At the start of the battle, you see a game board with various cosmic element tiles. - Choose a type of elements and memorise their locations. - Press the 'Close Tile' button to turn over the tiles. - Click as many tiles you just memorise as possible. - Click the 'Battle' button to reveal the selected tiles. If the selected tiles belong to the same type of comic elements, you have successfully conjure a magical power to attack the monster. - Repeat the above until you've defeated the monster. Every type of tile has a special power. More types of tile will be unlocked as you progress through the game. Memon's Quest is a game that tests and trains your memory power!

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