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  1. 泡泡龙


    Bubble shooter is a free game presented by the reputable Green Mango games. The game is fun, super addictive and a great way to spend free time on an airport, on the bus or train and what not. Even though this game is similar to the frozen bubble games, this one has a unique edge. Bubble shooter is similar in both the features and controls to the traditional classic bubble shooter games. The objective is, as usual, to adjust your gun’s angles and position it correctly. Then tap your finger to blast away at similar colored bubbles. The more bubbles you pop together, the higher the score. The addiction lies in the fact that it has several levels. Competitive people will definitely love the arcade version of this fantastic game. Bubble shooter is without a doubt a free game which can help lift any dull moods. The interface is nice and clean and clutter free. The game mechanics are superb and flawless. The entire thing runs so smooth that you’ll immediately notice it. This game can be so addictive that it can cause a mania! A mania of bubbles popping here and there and everywhere! You can continue your game to make sure that you don’t lose any progress. This is a neat little feature although since the game super smooth and flawless, it will almost never have any glitches. So just sit back, relax and blast away your stress alongside those colorful bubbles. If you like games like bubble shoots then you have to try this one!

    941.9万 人安装 · 2016年01月15日 更新
    分类: 休闲益智 益智

  2. 3D坦克争霸


    世界首款坦克战争竞技手机网游《3D坦克争霸》,运用移动平台顶级Unity3D真实物理引擎打造,真实还原二战历史中真实的各种坦克。 在这个铁血的世界里,玩家能够最真实的感受到战争所带来的残酷考验,以及坦克战争的特殊之处。作为一款主打PVP竞技的坦克战争手机网游,玩家可体验大规模的坦克集团会战带来的别样震撼,以及在纷纷战火中的同僚之情。

    577.4万 人安装 · 2018年03月22日 更新
    分类: 飞行射击 射击

  3. 3D像素射击!


    《3D像素射击 Pixel Gun 3D》这是一款像素射击类游戏。敌人的数量不断增加,经过短暂的游戏时间,你就会有成群的僵尸从四面八方攻击你,让你不能放松......当死亡接近,你可以躲开他们的攻击,像一头猎豹,迅速跑开。游戏中你只有射杀所有的僵尸才能进入下一关。 【游戏特点】 - 强大,真实的武器。 - 新的巨大地图:秘密要塞,僵尸岛,致命的金字塔,恐怖医院,黑暗世界,死城… 【注意】游戏左上角齿轮设置,可以设置中文! 【关于数据包】 下载ZIP文件,然后并解压.先安装主文件APK,然后将Android文件夹,直接放在内存卡根目录中,如有提示覆盖,请确定。 使用百分网客户端可以直接帮你解压数据包,无需操作的烦恼 【数据包位置】 Android\obb\com.pixel.gun3d - 解包大小为 218.2 MB 提示 :

    258.3万 人安装 · 2018年01月31日 更新
    分类: 飞行射击 射击

  4. 暴击僵尸


    《暴击僵尸》(Zombie Evil)是一款射击塔防游戏,史诗般的背景乐 带上耳机,感受枪弹和血浆的交响曲!
    丰富的战斗关卡: 3大地域!21张经典场景地图!126个关卡!
    多样的僵尸军团: 21种前所未见的恶灵僵尸!
    紧张的boss战役: 血脉喷张的BOSS战役!更多的挑战和奖励等着你来征服!
    史诗般的背景乐: 带上耳机,感受爆炸和血浆的交响曲!

    197.8万 人安装 · 2016年01月14日 更新
    分类: 经营策略 塔防


  1. 飞机大战II

    3.9万人安装 18.06MB
    新的好玩的游戏发布了,这是一场很残酷的战争,敌人的飞机数目非常的多,玩家的能力决定能否赢得这场战争,游戏画面精美,操控简单,您可以在一片清爽的空中画面里,爽快打游戏! 比较传统的空战游戏,玩家控制战机在躲避敌人子弹的同时攻击敌人,你须要打败所有的敌人后才能进入下一关卡,游戏中玩家击落敌机有几率掉落强大的武器,更多关卡等着你来挑战。。。
  2. 圣诞老人大战外星人 Santa Rockstar vs Aliens

    675人安装 16.59MB
    Play the newest FREE top down shooter / shooting game for Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone!
    "Santa is all pumped up......its a lot of fun" - CoronaGeek
    "Get in the Christmas spirit with a little alien destruction" - RedFerret
    "Help Santa, Save Christmas and Enjoy!" - AppReviewExpert
    "..you can enjoy it if you want a time killer." - TechCookies
    Santa Rockstar has been abducted by aliens the night before Christmas. Its your chance to get him back and save Christmas. In this game, you take on the role of Santa Rockstar as you battle aliens on their own alien worlds.
    This is an action packed top down shooter game, where the aliens come thick and fast. Help Santa Rockstar defeat the aliens on 5 worlds. As you play on each alien world, you help Santa Rockstar earn gifts to will unlock the other worlds.In this game, Santa has access to 3 different guns. The rifle has unlimited ammo, where as the machine gun and bazooka have limited ammo. The machine gun has rapid fire capabilities, whereas the bazooka inflicts more damage to the aliens. The bazooka seems to be everyone's favorite. So go boom boom bazooka. Kill the aliens that appear from all directions.
    This could be only chance to save Christmas, by shooting aliens, in an amazing top down shooter game. Bring back Santa Claus so he can see the new Star Wars.
    - 3 types of aliens to be defeat.
    - 3 types of guns to utilize.
    - Collect gifts to unlock new worlds. A total of 5 alien worlds to play on.
    - Keep a track of your highscore on each alien world.
    Don't shoot bubbles. Don't make war. Don't drive like crazy. Aim for the stars. Go BOOM BOOM on the crazy aliens. Feel the rush in this game!
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/digitaltreegames
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/D3Games
    “圣诞老人都抽了......它有很多乐趣” - CoronaGeek
    “获取在圣诞节的精神与小外星人毁灭” - RedFerret
    “帮助圣诞老人,拯救圣诞节和享受!” - AppReviewExpert
    “如果你想有一个时间杀手..你可以享受它。” - TechCookies
    - 3种类型的外国人要失败。
    - 3种类型的枪利用。
    - 收集礼物来解锁新的世界。共有5外星世界上播放。
    - 保持对每一个外星世界的轨道你的高分的。
    别开枪气泡。不要让战争。不要开车像疯了似的。瞄准星星。去BOOM BOOM就疯狂的外星人。感受抢在这个游戏!
  3. 立体宇宙射击 WarTors

    531人安装 8.42MB
    Retro glowing 3D arcade action space shooter!
    Travel through the galaxy, gratuitously shooting down the swarms of enemies out to get you, collecting bonus items as you go.
    50 levels of carnage to get through, three levels of difficulty and a pounding soundtrack. Starts slow and easy, but soon builds up with swarms of aliens coming to get you - but at least you can collect weapon upgrades and other tricks to compensate!
    Reminiscent of the old "Star Wars" arcade game.
    50个级别的大屠杀打通,三个层次的困难和冲击配乐。启动慢和容易,但很快就建立了成群的外星人来接你 - 但至少你可以收集武器升级和其他技巧来弥补!
  4. 致命狙击

    464人安装 62.24MB