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  1. Ping/DNS查询工具

    (For an explanation of the GPS permission, see below.)
    Displays network information and diagnostics: Ping a server (via ICMP over IPv4 or IPv6 and TCP), DNS lookup (with geographical lookup of IP addresses), reverse DNS lookup, WHOIS queries, inspecting HTTP response headers, trace routes (also with IP address geo lookup), check whether a range of ports is open, scan a host for SSL versions and ciphers, and look up the location of hosts and whether it's reachable from the public internet. It also shows details of the current network setup and connection of the device, including netstat information. "Wake on LAN" functionality for waking up machines.
    Includes a home screen widget for long-running pings.
    Recently used hosts, IP addresses and DNS servers are remembered for auto-completion.
    The results can be copied (via long-click on the output text), sent via email or stored in a file as text or PDF. A history of the results of recent operations is kept (swipe left and right to switch between tabs).
    Numerous options (like using an alternative name server, Ping TTL, showing ping times for each traceroute step, Broadcast Ping, using HTTPS, setting the HTTP port number, selection of DNS record types to query, etc.) are available through a long-click on the "Go" button.
    Contains no ads.
    Please join the Google community "Ping & DNS" where I support this app, especially if you're having problems.
    Note for Samsung devices: Ping and Traceroute don't work on some Samsung devices on Android 4.2 and newer, because Samsung required functionality. TCP Ping should always work, though.
    WHY THE GPS PERMISSION? First off, GPS is only accessed if the "Show Location" checkbox is set in the Ping Options dialog. This checkbox is turned off by default, so unless you explicitly set it, you don't need to worry about your location ever being tracked. Tracking location is useful for measuring ping times during long-running pings across large areas, like a factory or a university campus. Once a long-running ping with location is done, a Google Earth file (.dmz) is created that shows the ping times along with the geo location of each ping. Most people will never need this option, so you don't have to worry. And even if you do use it, location data is stored on the device, it is not sent or uploaded anywhere (the exception being if you attach the Google Earth file to an outgoing email - in which case you're in charge of where the email is sent to). So all the negative comments you may see in the Play Store are unfounded.
    显示网络信息和诊断:平安一台服务器(通过ICMP通过IPv4或IPv6和TCP),DNS查找(与IP地址的地理位置查找),反向DNS查找,WHOIS查询,检查HTTP响应头,跟踪路由(还与IP地址GEO查找),检查范围内的端口是否打开,扫描主机的SSL版本和密码,并查找主机的位置,无论是从公共互联网访问。它也显示了当前的网络设置和连接的设备,包括netstat的信息的细节。 “局域网唤醒”功能,用于唤醒机器。
    注三星设备:ping和跟踪不上在Android 4.2及更高版本某些三星设备的工作,因为三星需要的功能。 TCP平应该总是工作,虽然。
    为什么GPS许可?首先,全球定位系统,如果“显示位置”复选框中的平安选项对话框中设置访问只。该复选框默认关闭,所以除非你明确地设置它,你不必担心你的位置不断被跟踪。追踪位置是在整个大面积长时间运行坪,就像一个工厂或大学校园测量ping时间非常有用。一旦长期运行ping与定位是做一个谷歌地球文件(.dmz)被创建,显示ping时间以及每个平的地缘位置。大多数人不会需要这个选项,所以你不必担心。即使你使用它,位置数据被存储在设备上,如果附加谷歌地球文件到外发电子邮件就不会被发送或上传的任何地方(例外是 - 在这种情况下,你负责的地方电子邮件发送给)。因此,所有你在Play商店可能会看到负面评论是没有根据的。

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