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  1. 大战僵尸鸟

    《大战僵尸鸟》在去年的“射鸟”游戏Shoot the Birds中被南瓜男孩干掉的那群坏鸟又复活了,这群僵尸鸟又将与南瓜射手大战一场!!以其简单的操作,独具匠心的题材,唯美的田园风光受到众多玩家的青睐。大家将会在诡异的世界中用南瓜人与僵尸鸟大战三百回合!目标就是救出被僵尸鸟绑走的南瓜人!

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  2. 公牛冲冲冲

    Bull Rush is a funny and addictive game in which your task is to help the bull run to the beloved cow.
    Your task is seemingly simple - you have to help the bull with jumping over the appearing obstacles on his way and collect symbols of love, which the bull will give to the beloved cow expecting him at the end of each level. In time you will see, however, that the task is much more difficult– the way is full of obstacles that you need to avoid with a double jump, and sometimes you have to even destroy them. You should not be surprised that sometimes your bull will have to jump into the water. Sometimes you will find cans of a drink which will give your bull the strength! However, be careful, because the effects of the drink will not be always the same!
    There are many adventures. However, it is worth spending some time on it because it is all about a great love!
    Bull Rush will be great game for gamers which love jump & run or runner type games and other simply and addictive casual and platform games.
    - 3 worlds
    - 18 levels in each world
    - 12 extra levels
    - items to be collected
    - drinks giving energy to the bull
    - stars for collecting items
    - ramps, water, obstacles, holes, etc. to be overcome
    - at the end of each level you will meet the cow:)
    - music, sound effects and vibrations
    - easy and pleasant control
    - good graphics and addictive gameplay
    Help a bull run to the beloved cow!
    We invite to the game page on Facebook:
    你的任务是看似简单的 - 你有帮助公牛以跳过途中出现的障碍,并收集爱的符号,公牛将会给心爱的奶牛期待他在每关结束。随着时间的推移,你会看到但是,这项任务更加困难的过程中尽是你需要避免与双跳障碍,有时你不得不甚至摧毁它们。你不应该感到惊讶,有时你的公牛将不得不跳入水中。有时候,你会发现一个饮料罐,这将给你的多头力量!不过,要小心,因为饮料的效果也不会总是相同的!
    - 世界3
    - 18水平在世界各
    - 12多平
    - 待收集项
    - 饮料牛市给予能量
    - 星星收集项目
    - 斜坡,水,障碍物,孔等,必须克服
    - 在每一个的端部水平,你会遇到的牛:)
    - 音乐,音效和振动
    - 轻松愉快控制
    - 良好的图形和令人上瘾的游戏
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