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  1. 墨西哥大厨

    If there is anything wrong or you want to get in touch please send us an email to: support@kaxangames.com.
    We are aware of crashes in the following devices, sorry for the inconvenience we are looking into it:
    Galaxy Tab 2 7'' and 10'', HTC One M8, LG G2, Nexus 7, HTC OneplusOne, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Grand Prime, Xperia T2 and Xperia E1
    So you think you got what it takes to be a Taco Master?
    Take orders and throw together some fresh, tasty tacos as quick as you can in this fast-paced, streamlined time management game. Use a variety of ingredients from delicious spiced sausage to tongue melting chilies! Feel the heat as the orders fly in and you have to put together some crazy combinations.
    Fast-paced, finger-flicking fun, it’s time to put your reactions to the test:
    -Three different game modes, Career, Arcade, and Time Attack, will keep you entertained for hours.
    -Achievements and leaderboards trough Google Play Games.
    -Use quick thinking and train your memory to keep on top of the Mexican mayhem.
    -Use multi-touch to grab more than one ingredient at a time…you’ll have to if you want to keep up with all those orders.
    -Includes Tropical Fury, Taco Zombie, and Mexican Party career modes.
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    Galaxy Tab的2 7''和10'',的HTC One M8,LG G2,的Nexus 7,HTC OneplusOne,银河S5,银河大总理,T2的Xperia的Xperia和E1
    - 三不同的游戏模式,职业,商场和时间攻击,将让你几个小时受理。
    - 包括热带骚动,塔克僵尸,和墨西哥党的事业模式。
    错误?建议吗? support@kaxangames.com

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