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  1. 阿兹特克的谜题

    Truly unique* puzzle game from the developer of Mayan Puzzle with over one million downloads worldwide. Discover the Aztec world divided into 4 basic elements – water, fire, earth and air. At each level you need to help Aztec tribe in their challenging mission and direct elements to the destinations.
    The first levels may seem to be a piece of cake but don’t be deceived - you will really need to make an effort to solve them all. In case you need help there are hints for each level. If you strive for perfection you can try to achieve "perfect score" at each level.
    - 72 levels divided into 4 elements (water, fire, earth and air)
    - Up to 4 different paths in the most difficult levels
    - Superb Aztec theme animated graphics
    - 24 minutes of original Aztec soundtrack
    - Hints available for each level
    - Pure mode if you don’t want to be distracted
    * - if you find a similar game on Google Play please let us know
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MindCrew
    *真正独特的益智游戏,从开发商玛雅之谜,全球有超过一百万的下载。探索世界的阿兹台克人,分为4个基本要素 - 水,火,土和空气。在每个级别上,你需要帮助阿兹特克部落在具有挑战性的使命和直接的元素目的地。
    第一水平可能似乎是小菜一碟,但不要被欺骗 - 你真的需要作出努力,解决他们所有。如果您需要帮助每个级别有迹象。如果你力求完美,你可以尝试在每个级别实现“满分”。
    - 72水平分为4个元素(水,火,土和空气)
    - 最多4个不同的路径在最困难的水平
    - 卓越的阿兹台克人的主题动画图形
    - 24分钟,原来的阿兹台克人的配乐
    - 提示为每个级别
    - 纯模式下,如果你不想分心
    * - 如果你找到一个类似的游戏,谷歌播放,请让我们知道

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  2. 极速打包

    “A familiar concept with an out of the box approach” - Appoday
    Gold winner at Danish App Awards
    Gold winner at Creative Circle Awards
    FWA mobile winner
    Ever had to fit a lot of things into your suitcase in a hurry? Yes? Well that's what Pack a Puzzle is all about. The objective of the game is to fit all items on the screen into a bag before the time runs out.
    Challenge your friends in both online and local games or go challenge a random person in the world to raise your ranking. Chill out in the singleplayer section where you can fetch a random level someone once made, or complete one of many challenging levels provided. All in all Pack a Puzzle features a huge collection of challenging puzzles in a beautiful environment.
    If you are a puzzle fan this most definitely is a game for you.
    “一个熟悉的概念与开箱即用的方式” - Appoday

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