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  1. 特技老鼠

    Hank Hazard: The Stunt Hamster finally arrives on Android!
    So you thought Evel Knievel was the last of the daredevils? Guide Hank Hazard through over 100 levels of death-defying stunts, ingenious puzzles and unlockable bonus challenges. Collect stars and dodge environmental hazards while using hamster-safe bombs, accelerators, ham-fisted boxing gloves and more. Help Hank become the world's first stunt hamster!
    • Over 100 ingeniously designed levels
    • The perfect blend of arcade & puzzle gameplay
    • 18 bonus levels - find and collect secret gold stars to unlock
    • More than 15 interactive game objects across 5 unique worlds
    • Outwit and evade sharks, flames, balls of electricity and more!
    App of the Day — Eurogamer
    "Hank doesn’t hesitate when he’s racing down a ramp being chased by two bombs, and neither should you when downloading this game. Do it for Hank." — Slide To Play, 4/4
    "Hank Hazard is definitely a game you’ll come back to play again and again, everything about it is great. 10/10" — App-Score
    "Hank Hazard manages to lift itself above the anonymous crowd with some great design and a lot of fun" — PocketGamer, 8/10
    "...who can resist a few hours entertainment for a single dollar, when it features puzzles, a wide-eyed hamster, and bombs." — TouchArcade
    For our German friends! http://android.appgefahren.de/spiele/hank-hazard-der-stunt-hamster-jetzt-auch-fur-android-5615/
    IAP: Okay - the game is free to play but we gotta pay our rent, ya know? If you enjoy Hank Hazard and would like to support indie game developers like us, please purchase Hank's Knapsack from the main menu. It's a one-time purchase that gives you access to step-by-step video guides for each and every level, slow-mo powerups for that perfect timing, and an ad-free experience. Thank you for supporting Hank!
    NOTE: Displays best on 800x480, 960x540, and 1280x720 screens.
    Become a fan of Hank Hazard on Facebook:

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    分类: 跑酷竞速 · 跑酷 · 宠物

  2. 外星人逃脱

    Your target is simple, use the push/pull controls to move
    the tiny aliens and create a unique shape in each level.
    Only when you will succeed, the tiny aliens will be free to return home.
    Discover never-before-seen gameplay.
    Challenge yourself for hours with 60 addictive levels.
    Enjoy amazing graphics and animations.
    Tiny aliens need you help!

    4883 人安装 · 2014年12月14日更新
    分类: 休闲时间 · 儿童益智

  3. 高达无双

    屏幕尺寸 320*480 android1.5平台

    1.2 万人安装 · 2012年9月11日更新
    分类: 动作射击 · 休闲时间