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  1. 至尊冰壶

    Xtreme Curling
    Explosive gameplay, guaranteed. Xtreme Curling is not your average curling game. It combines the fun of curling with the strategy of mini golf, taking the sport to a brand new dimension. Collect as many points and gold rocks as possible and avoid the bombs in your way. Whether you’re a novice or pro curler, this game is guaranteed to challenge and entertain you. Everyone is given 3 tries but the best players can get a hole-in-one on the very first try. Shoot, sweep and strategize your way through all 30 levels!
    - 3 different locations to choose from: cargo boat, spaceship, and burger joint
    - Never-before-seen swipe feature that allows the player to move in any direction
    - Choose from many different types of rocks and swipes (brushes) in the App Store
    - Collect gold rocks to trade for different rocks and swipes in the App Store
    - Multiplayer feature so that you can play with your friends
    爆炸性的游戏,有保证。 XTREME冰壶是不是你的平均冰壶比赛。它结合了迷你高尔夫球战略卷曲,采取这项运动,以一个全新的维度的乐趣。收集尽可能多的点,金岩石,尽量避免在你途中的炸弹。无论您是新手还是专业睫毛夹,这个游戏是保证挑战和招待你。每个人都在给定的3次尝试,但最好的球员可以得到一个孔功能于一身的第一个尝试。拍摄,扫描并通过所有30个级别制定战略的方法!
    货运船,飞船,和汉堡联合: - 3个不同的地点供选择
    - 以前从未见过的刷卡功能,可以让玩家在任何方向移动
    - 选择从许多不同类型的岩石和刷卡的(刷)在App Store
    - 收集金岩石在App Store换取不同的岩石和刷卡
    - 多人游戏功能,让你可以与你的朋友一起玩

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