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  1. 第四十二号垃圾箱

    This FULL VERSION contains 100 brain-teasing levels and REMOVES ALL ADS. We highly recommend you try the ad supported version before purchasing the FULL version to verify compatibility with your device.
    You are a lowly Mark I service droid - Dust Bin Designation 42, aka DB42.... or just "Deeby" to your electro-FRIENDS and fellow junk bots. You KNOW you are destined for greater things and have finally won the approval of your overseer to prove your mettle!
    Make your way through the Cynobotic Army's Advanced Robotic Training grounds. These will test your wits and resourcefulness to the UTMOST! Jump, run, swing, GRAPPLE and TELEPORT your way to the top!! Learn the ropes as you explore the introductory levels that slowly introduce you to the components of the game. From there, you BLAST OFF into many more levels of fun and brain-teasing craziness!!!
    Along the way you will pick up UPGRADES that enhance your capabilities. Find things like:
    - The JUNK BUDDY. This is a short range tractor beam for pulling objects towards you. Very useful for obtaining things that are just... out.. of... REACH!
    - The REPUGNICATOR. This is a repulsor ray that allows you to push remote switches and do things like... SHOOT HOOPS. Yes. Seriously!!
    - The Infinite Reality Interstitial Surface (IRIS). Use your IRIS enhancements to TELEPORT around a level. Folding space has NEVER been so EASY!
    As you travel through the environments, you'll encounter things like water HAZARDS, ANTI-GRAVITY fields, and object field SUPPRESSORS.
    DB42 is a CASUAL PLATFORM / PUZZLE GAME that puts you on the path to robotic GREATNESS! This game is Swarm enabled and supports LEADERBOARDS, ACHIEVEMENTS, and CLOUD STORAGE! With cloud storage, your scores will follow you across all your devices! Note: You *must* be logged into Swarm to record high scores, earn achievements, and utilize cloud storage!
    Nearly 60 Achievements to acquire!!!
    INTERNET - Swarm requirement and automatic bug reporting.
    READ_PHONE_STATE - Swarm / leaderboard login support
    VIBRATE - Haptic feedback
    Bug reports & feedback: please send an email to gushikustudios@gmail.com.
    This game is XPERIA PLAY Optimized.
    This game is featured on TegraZone and optimized for NVIDIA SHIELD.
    你是一个卑微的马克我的服务机器人 - 垃圾桶名称42,又名DB42 ....或只是“Deeby”到你的电子朋友和其他垃圾的机器人。你知道你是注定要成就更大的事情,终于赢得您的监督员批准证明你的勇气!
    - 垃圾BUDDY。这是一种短距离牵引光束的物体拉向你。获得的东西,只是......从...... ..达到非常有用!
    - 本REPUGNICATOR。这是一个repulsor光线,让你推远程开关和喜欢做的事情......打篮球。是。认真!
    - 无穷现实间质性表面(IRIS)。使用您的IRIS增强瞬移周围的水平。折叠空间也从未如此容易!
    DB42是一个休闲平台/益智游戏,让你的路径,机器人GREATNESS上!这场比赛是使群,并支持排行榜,成就,和云存储!随着云存储,你的分数会跟着你跨所有设备!注意:您必须* *登录到群创出新高的分数,获得的成就,并利用云存储!
    互联网 - 群要求,自动报告bug。
    READ_PHONE_STATE - 群/排行榜登录支持
    【振动 - 触觉反馈
    这场比赛是XPERIA PLAY优化。
    这个游戏的特点是对TegraZone和NVIDIA SHIELD优化。

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