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  1. 100道门

    ★ ★ Do you like puzzle-games? Try this new puzzler! ★ ★
    From the creators of “100 Floors 2013”!
    Solve the puzzle to open the door and escape the room to get to the next floor.
    Give your brain a real workout by solving all the puzzles and escaping through every door!
    The puzzles in this game are solved by logical thinking and intuitive usage of your phone!
    ★ ★Features★ ★
    ↗ Free
    ↗ Addictive
    ↗ Well developed!
    ↗ HD graphics!
    ↗ Constant updates of new Doors!
    ↗ Use your device to the maximum!
    ★ ★How to play★ ★
    Figure out the solution of the level, sometimes swiping, tilting and pinching is needed!
    Pick up items and use them from your inventory to help you find the solution.
    ★ ★Got stuck?★ ★
    ★ ★Facebook★ ★
    Do you like the game, but you've made it through all of it?
    Try our new game!
    100 Gates 2013:
    When you start the app there is a dialogue asking if you accept notification ads or not, if you do not want it, just click cancel!
    Keywords: 100 Gates, 100 Doors, 100 Floors, 100 Crypts, 100 Doors of Revenge, the floor escape, puzzle, brain, IQ, new, fun, addictive.
    Disclaimer: We are in no way associated with any other creators of 100 Gates or 100 Doors-like escape games.

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