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  1. PamFax – Complete Fax Solution

    Sign in with your existing PamFax account or create a new account for free. See introductory offer for new users below.
    With PamFax for Android you can:
    - Easily fax anywhere from anywhere worldwide in a few simple steps
    - Send documents and photos from your Android phone or tablet
    - Send online documents from Dropbox, Box, Google Drive & OneDrive
    - Receive faxes directly to Dropbox, Box, Google Drive & OneDrive
    - Scan documents via camera on device
    - Create and use custom cover page templates
    User driven fax-on-demand
    - Free registration includes 3 outbound pages and one month inbound fax number
    - No credit card or payment required to sign up
    - PamFax Credit packs start at $13; credit does not expire
    - Price per page starting at US$0.10
    - Free fax to other PamFax numbers
    - No monthly cost. No hidden costs!
    - Subscription plans for inbound numbers in 31 countries with unlimited inbound fax pages
    - Send/receive faxes across multiple platforms
    For businesses that find they need to fax a document PamFax offers a universal fax-on-demand, cloud-based service that sends faxes worldwide. Subscription plans combine one inbound fax number, available in 31 countries, with unlimited received pages. Unlike email fax offerings, PamFax documents are securely delivered directly to the application, avoiding email or printed fax machine delivery. Whether you’re office-bound or a road warrior the PamFax application on iPhones, iPads, Android, BlackBerry 10 -- as well as Windows and Mac PCs -- provides the flexibility to adapt to all your fax requirements.
    PamFax does even more…
    - Manage and view all fax and account activities from within the application
    - (optional) Port current fax number - subscription required
    - Totally secure: fully encrypted transmissions
    - Access your archive of sent and received faxes, accessible within the application
    - Fax preview before sending
    - Unlimited received fax pages with inbound fax number
    - Notifications re. inbound and outbound fax activity delivered via email, SMS or Skype
    - Universal: supported on any PC, smartphone or tablet device
    - Company Manager creates accounts, assigns PamFax credits and tracks activity (Pro Plan required)
    - 轻松传真在几个简单的步骤,从全球任何地方的任何地方
    - 发送文件和照片从你的Andr​​oid手机或平板电脑
    - 发送在线文档从Dropbox的,箱,谷歌驱动器和OneDrive
    - 直接接收传真的Dropbox,盒,谷歌驱动器和OneDrive
    - 通过相机上的设备扫描文档
    - 创建和使用自定义封面模板
    - 免费注册包括3出境页面一个月入站的传真号码
    - 无信用卡或支付所需的注册
    - PamFax信用包开始在$ 13;信用卡未过期
    - 每页起拍价为0.10美元
    - 免费传真等PamFax号
    - 无月租费用。没有任何隐藏费用!
    - 对入站数量无限入站传真页面订阅计划,在31个国家
    - 发送/接收跨多个平台的传真
    对于企业,发现他们需要传真的文档PamFax提供了发送传真的全球通用的传真点播,基于云的服务。认购计划结合一个入传真号码,在31个国家有售,具有无限接收页数。不同于电子邮件传真产品,PamFax文件安全直接传递给应用程序,避免了电子邮件或打印的传真机传送。无论您是办公绑定或道路战士在iPhone上的应用程序PamFax,解锁iPhone和iPad,Android,黑莓10 - 以及Windows和Mac电脑 - 提供了灵活性,以适应所有的传真需求。
    - 管理和查看在应用程序中的所有传真和帐户活动
    需要订阅 - - (可选)端口电流传真号码
    - 完全安全的:完全加密传输
    - 访问您的存档发送和接收传真,在应用程序中访问
    - 发送传真前预览
    - 无限收到的入站的传真号码传真页面
    - 重新通知。通过电子邮件,短信或Skype的交付入站和出站传真活动
    - 通用:支持任何个人电脑,智能手机或平板设备
    - 公司经理创建帐户,分配PamFax信贷和跟踪活动(需临计划)

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