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  1. 大猪 Big Pig

    什么是像猪 - 大家都知道 - 它只是一头猪 ... ...
    然而,猪可以有任何的梦想?他们可以但一头猪梦想?也许在低谷的语气一软土豆?关于两个舒适的干草束? Nooo!猪是一个大猪,这样一个大的,每个人都可以看到和佩服她的一个梦想!
    猪希望大家说: - 哦,猪是一个大猪!但是,其中猪大和钦佩?可以找到一个解决方案的一切!你只需要尝试建立...为一头猪的丰碑!一个大的伟大的丰碑!这样一座纪念碑,猪可以骄傲地站在她的石榴裙下,走向世界!
    你的任务是建立一个建筑,这样的建筑,可耐一个大下降的体重 ... ...猪。您,在您的处置,数量有限的元素 - 板,框,轮胎和手头上的任何其他项目。项目必须放在另一个的建立最高和最稳定的建设。建设不能低于悬浮在空中的绳子。如果你建立一个较低的建设或猪属于线下,你的任务将无法完成。
    “大猪是疯狂的上瘾,就像愤怒的小鸟,很容易发现自己胡子拉碴,在你的公寓想知道你的生命的最后两个日子一天天过去。爱在此!” - androidstatic.com
    “有趣的物理益智游戏” - slidetoplay.com
    大猪游戏从 iPhone到Android。你必须通过在两个世界的48水平。因此,使猪的梦想成真,使他们更大!
    What is a pig like - everyone knows - it's just a pig...
    However, can pigs have any dreams? They can but what can a pig dream about? Maybe about a tone of soft potatoes in the trough? About two comfortable bunches of hay? Nooo! A pig dreams about being a big pig, such a big one that everyone can see and admire her!
    Pigs want everyone to say: - Oh, that pig is a big pig! But which pig would be big and admired? A solution can be found for everything! You just need to try to build ... a monument for a pig! A big great monument! Such a monument that the pig could stand on proudly and shows her graces to the world!
    So make all the dreams of a pig comes true and make pigs big!
    Your task is to build a construction, such a construction that could be resistant to the weight of a big falling ... pig. You have, at your disposal, a limited number of elements - boards, boxes, tires and any other items on hand. The items must be laid one on another ones to build the highest and most stable construction. The construction cannot be lower than the rope suspended in the air. If you build a lower construction or a pig falls below the line, your task will not be completed.
    Big Pig game reviews:
    "Big Pig is crazy addictive and, just like Angry Birds, it’s easy to find yourself unshaven in your apartment wondering where the last two days of your life went. Love It!" - androidstatic.com
    "Amusing physics puzzle game" - slidetoplay.com
    Big Pig game coming to Android from iPhone. You have to pass 48 levels in two worlds. So make the dreams of pigs come true and make them bigger!

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