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  1. 时尚女士

    Model Story is a FREE fashion game about Fashionable people who are willing to try hot new clothing boutiques, choose and stock the very latest fashions and designs and then use them to compete with other girls.
    Model Story lets you be a fashion icon and live the glamorous life! You can shop the mall for the latest fashions and Indulge in your fashion obsession with designer clothes and other accessories! Perform in events, socialize and compete with other pretty women online and make lifelong friends.
    - Go to fashion events and gain stylizing experience
    - Visit The Mall to get trendy designer clothes lines and innovative stylish accessories, placing them in your store to use for competing
    - Showcase your style and creativity in the compete section against other top girls
    - FREE and premium updates with new clothing, accessories, and decorations on regular basis!
    - Visit Sally the Goddess's Salon to get latest trends of makeovers such as hair, nails, make-up, dresses, jewels and much more!
    So Girls, what are you waiting for?? Download this addictive FREE game and harness the experience of being a star girl or a charming princess that you always wanted to be!
    - 进入时尚活动,获得风格化体验
    - 亲临商场获得时尚名牌服装的线条和时尚的创新配件,将它们放置在您的商店使用的竞争
    - 展示你的风格和创意对其他顶尖女生节争夺
    - 定期免费及收费的更新与新的服装,配饰,和装饰!
    - 访问莎莉女神的沙龙得到改头换面的最新趋势,如头发,指甲,化妆,礼服,珠宝和更多!

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