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  1. 模拟抽烟

    The original and still the best! Do not be fooled by all the cheap imitations!
    Show your iPhone friends an app they'll never get! Inhale on the phone mic to smoke! Great at parties!
    IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE DOWNLOADING or any other issues please check our website (at the link below) for solutions, or EMAIL US. If you just leave a comment we have no way to contact you for details. We reply ASAP!
    * 12 real strains of weed!
    * Roach clip and filter tips!
    * Fastest Roll mode! Compete with your friends for the best time!
    * BLUNTS! Split it, unroll it, dump the tobacco, fill it with weed, roll it, and smoke it!
    * 4/20 update! Blow out short breaths for smoke rings!
    * Multi-touch
    * grinders (1 free, 11 for in-app purchase)
    * rolling papers (2 free, 10 for in-app purchase)
    * lighters and matches (1 free, 10 for in-app purchase)
    * The app comes with many items to start with (same as always). If you can't get enough, now even more items can be purchased in-app. The extra items are very inexpensive.
    Check out the gameplay video at link below!
    * Drag a bud from the bag, break it up, line it up on the paper, roll it up and twist the ends!
    * Then spark it up and smoke it! Inhale on the phone mic to smoke, then blow on the phone to exhale smoke onto the screen. Blow short breaths for smoke rings!
    * Shake the phone to ash it, or tap the ash with your finger to knock it off
    * The smoke always rises upward. Change the phone orientation to try it
    * Installable to SD card (Froyo and later)
    * 12真正的杂草株!
    * 4/20更新!吹出来的短呼吸的烟圈!

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