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  1. 鳄鱼轮盘

    [English Introduction]
    You can't decide who buy dinner , who walk the dog , who clean the house , who wash wash dishes ... Don't worry , let crocodile to make decision for you.
    It is also a game for a meeting or a birthday party. For example: You can make more fun at your party with crocodile roulette. You can decide who can drink beer at the party.
    You push the tooth of crocodile and then nothing happen. You are luck. If crocodile mouth is shut, you should drink beer.
    Good choice~~ Crocodile~~
    It is also called "crocodile dentist" or "whose turn game".
    We always do our best to test the program while we release it. However, there are various models of mobile phone for Android system. Please kindly Email to us , tell us what step cause bug. We very appreciate your understanding and support.

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