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  1. 高山滑雪

    Trace Snow (formerly AlpineReplay) is the premiere ski and snowboard tracking app and is ranked as the #1 winter sports app by Men's Health magazine. Trace Snow is the most used and highest rated app for skiing and snowboarding in the world--our users log more than 2 billion feet of vertical a month!
    Trace Snow (formerly AlpineReplay) allows you to track your day on the mountain by measuring speed, airtime, distance, vertical, Calories, and more. Made by skiers and snowboarders for skiers and snowboarders. We separate your runs, tell you which chair lifts you've taken, clock your time on the chairlift and much more. Get a basic set of stats right on the slope or log in on AlpineReplay.com to see your progress over the season, compare with friends, push your stats to Facebook, and Replay your runs in 3D.
    With Trace Snow (formerly AlpineReplay) you can measure:
    ★ Speed
    ★ Airtime
    ★ Vertical
    ★ Distance
    ★ Calories
    ★ Time
    ★ Much more
    Trace Snow is also the official app , Steamboat, Winter Park Resort, Mt. Tremblant, Snowshoe, Stratton, Blue Mountain, China Peak, Mont-Sainte-Anne, Stoneham, and Canaan for the 2014/15 season. Use Trace Snow at these mountains to earn special medals, be notified of upcoming events, and much more!
    跟踪雪(原AlpineReplay)是首映滑雪和单板滑雪的跟踪应用程序被列为排名第一的冬季运动应用的男士健康杂志。跟踪雪是最常用和收视率最高的应用程序进行滑雪和单板滑雪在世界上 - 我们的用户登录超过20十亿feet垂直一个月!

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