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  1. 100次逃脱

    Addictive and fun brain teaser. This game will learn you how to survive! :)
    Advance to the next Room by solving the puzzle!
    Official page : http://www.facebook.com/100Escapers
    ↗ 31 Levels for Escapers
    ↗ Addicting mini puzzles!
    ↗ Combine the items!
    ↗ Complete utilization of your devices features!
    ↗ Different themed rooms!
    ↗ it’s FREE!
    Contact us if you have problems or comments with the app.
    ★★ How to play ★★
    ↗ Unlock the door to get the next level.
    ↗ To do that, observe the room and find the items which will help you to get out of here. You can combine two items to get NEW item.
    ↗ You can pick certain items up and use them from your inventory.
    ↗ To Zoom item click it TWICE
    ↗ To Combine items zoom first item then select second and click on zoomed image of first item.

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