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  1. 保罗之梦 3D

    To make it in the music industry is the same as trying to make it in school…You have to avoid drugs, alcohol and baby drama! Sad but true. Take it from SaulPaul, he should know. SaulPaul is a rapper and singer/songwriter who has been featured on MTV and America’s Got Talent. He’s performed for the NBA, the NFL and he freestyled the sports recap raps on ESPN Radio for 2 years straight! On his last tour he traveled to 21 cities promoting his movie Tower to Tower and his book Dream in 3D. But before he became a successful musician, he had to learn how to make power moves and avoid foolishness. Skills that he learned in high school still help him maneuver the music and entertainment industry today.
    SaulPaul: Dream in 3D presents a fun new game that puts you in the driver’s seat of the life of a high school teenager. Collect good grades as you embark on the never-ending quest for a perfect GPA. But watch out for common trip-ups like drugs and alcohol as they fly at you in the halls! And beware of the CRAZY BABIES! If you see a baby...no matter how cute it is…JUMP!
    Make the grades while avoiding the pitfalls and you’ll be on your way to success!
    PLUS as you rack up points, you get the chance to unlock exclusive new music from SaulPaul as well as some crowd favorites!
    See if you can be the first to unlock all 12 songs and create your own custom mixtape!
    Check out more about what it means to Dream in 3D at www.WeDreamIn3D.com
    使其在音乐行业是一样的尝试,使之在学校......你必须避免毒品,酒精和婴儿的戏剧!悲哀而真实。把它从SaulPaul,他应该知道。 SaulPaul是一个说唱歌手和歌手/作曲家谁已精选MTV和美国达人。他进行的NBA,NFL的他freestyled在ESPN电台体育回顾斥责为2年直!在他的最后之旅,他前往21个城市宣传他的电影塔塔和他的3D书的梦想。不过,他成为一个成功的音乐人之前,他必须学会如何使移动电源,避免愚蠢。他在高中学到的技能还帮他今天操纵音乐和娱乐产业。
    SaulPaul:梦想在3D呈现一个有趣的新游戏,让你在高中的少年生活的驾驶座。收集好成绩,你踏上了永无止境的追求完美的GPA。但是要注意普通行程制成品类药物和酒精,因为他们在你飞在大厅!和提防疯狂的婴儿!如果你看到一个孩子......这是无论多么可爱...... JUMP!

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