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  1. 春季樱花树

    Spring flowering trees that gently sway while petals fly in the air carried by the wind. Clouds and the sun move over the sky that shifts color dynamically according to the time of day. As the night slowly falls the moon appears clearer and clearer until fully visible at midnight. The day starts with a dazzling sunrise around 6 am by the lower left corner and ends with a magnificent sunset in the other corner around 6 pm. You can also adjust sunrise and sunset times according to your own taste.
    While the free version is beautiful, ad-free and fully functional, many settings are locked. The full version is highly customizable:
    - select background (rape field, mount fuji or meadow)
    - select foreground flowers
    - select flower count
    - select tree (pink sakura, white cherry tree or magnolia)
    - set tree size
    - set ground level
    - set number of petals
    - set petal size
    - set any time of day (colors and light change)
    - or use dynamic real time mode
    - set sunrise time
    - set sunset time
    - option to use GPS once a day to determine location and automatically calculate sunrise and sunset times, in order to make the sun move similar to the real sun in your location
    - change wind speed
    - set star count
    - set night sky brightness
    - set night light intensity
    - set position and size of the moon
    - set rotation speed of the sun
    - show/hide the sun
    - show/hide high clouds
    - show/hide low clouds
    - toggle silhouette mode
    - use true color (24 bit)
    This live wallpaper is OpenGL based. This means that animations and graphics will flow much smother than if it was using the CPU. It also means that the phone's CPU is not working, giving much less impact on overall phone performance. The wallpaper is only active when visible, so battery consumption is very insignificant.
    Photo credits (flickr users)
    Magnolia: Tom Brandt
    Sakura: gardener41
    Cherry Tree: gardener41
    Meadow: Nicholas_T
    Daffodils: Mark Robinson
    Grass: Maja Dumat
    Rape field: Maja Dumat
    Mount Fuji: IvanWalsh.com
    Moon: Luis Argerich
    Thanks for the creative commons licenses!
    - 选择背景(油菜田,富士山或草甸)
    - 选择前景鲜花
    - 选择花数
    - 选择树(粉红色的樱花,白樱花树和玉兰)
    - 集树的大小
    - 集地面水平
    - 集数花瓣
    - 设置花瓣的大小
    - 一天中的任何时间设置(颜色和光线的变化)
    - 或使用动态实时模式
    - 设定的日出时间
    - 集日落时间
    - 选择每天一次使用GPS来确定位置,并自动计算日出和日落的时间,为了使太阳类似的真正的太阳在你的位置
    - 改变风速
    - 一组恒星计数
    - 集夜空光度
    - 设置的夜间灯光强度
    - 集的月亮的位置和大小
    - 设定的旋转速度的太阳
    - 显示/隐藏太阳
    - 显示/隐藏高云
    - 显示/隐藏低云
    - 切换剪影模式
    - 使用真彩色(24位)
    在Creative Commons许可的感谢!

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