1. 拯救飞船

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  2. 圣诞老人大战外星人 Santa Rockstar vs Aliens

    540人安装 16.59MB
    Play the newest FREE top down shooter / shooting game for Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone!
    "Santa is all pumped up......its a lot of fun" - CoronaGeek
    "Get in the Christmas spirit with a little alien destruction" - RedFerret
    "Help Santa, Save Christmas and Enjoy!" - AppReviewExpert
    "..you can enjoy it if you want a time killer." - TechCookies
    Santa Rockstar has been abducted by aliens the night before Christmas. Its your chance to get him back and save Christmas. In this game, you take on the role of Santa Rockstar as you battle aliens on their own alien worlds.
    This is an action packed top down shooter game, where the aliens come thick and fast. Help Santa Rockstar defeat the aliens on 5 worlds. As you play on each alien world, you help Santa Rockstar earn gifts to will unlock the other worlds.In this game, Santa has access to 3 different guns. The rifle has unlimited ammo, where as the machine gun and bazooka have limited ammo. The machine gun has rapid fire capabilities, whereas the bazooka inflicts more damage to the aliens. The bazooka seems to be everyone's favorite. So go boom boom bazooka. Kill the aliens that appear from all directions.
    This could be only chance to save Christmas, by shooting aliens, in an amazing top down shooter game. Bring back Santa Claus so he can see the new Star Wars.
    - 3 types of aliens to be defeat.
    - 3 types of guns to utilize.
    - Collect gifts to unlock new worlds. A total of 5 alien worlds to play on.
    - Keep a track of your highscore on each alien world.
    Don't shoot bubbles. Don't make war. Don't drive like crazy. Aim for the stars. Go BOOM BOOM on the crazy aliens. Feel the rush in this game!
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/digitaltreegames
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/D3Games
    “圣诞老人都抽了......它有很多乐趣” - CoronaGeek
    “获取在圣诞节的精神与小外星人毁灭” - RedFerret
    “帮助圣诞老人,拯救圣诞节和享受!” - AppReviewExpert
    “如果你想有一个时间杀手..你可以享受它。” - TechCookies
    - 3种类型的外国人要失败。
    - 3种类型的枪利用。
    - 收集礼物来解锁新的世界。共有5外星世界上播放。
    - 保持对每一个外星世界的轨道你的高分的。
    别开枪气泡。不要让战争。不要开车像疯了似的。瞄准星星。去BOOM BOOM就疯狂的外星人。感受抢在这个游戏!
  3. 碎片

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  4. Hi-Tech Mom Family Storybook

    701人安装 27.68MB
    Busy, Multi-Tasking Moms will Adore this Modern Story ofBalancing Work & Family! Meet a Hi-Tech Mom and her Son who Fantasizes about Different Jobs for his Mom. Amazing Graphics and Interactive Elements Bring this Clever Story to Life! The perfect interactive book for Mother's Day!Crazed, multi-tasking, working moms who desperately juggle the challenges of work, life and family, this story app, Busy Mommy, Hi-Tech Mom - An Original Interactive Educational Family Storybook, is for you and your kids! Are you rushing to get your child to school on time? Do you sometimes not make it home for bedtime? Are you tethered to technology finding it hard to pull away at home? Do you have days when you just don’t feel like a good mommy? We get it! This story is for you!This original story of a hi-tech mother who works day and night will resonate with all working mothers who struggle to have quality time with their kids and family and also get their work done. In this story, a little boy fantasizes what it would be like if his mom changed jobs. Maybe the mother should become a farmer or a police officer or a writer. Mother and son go through the options of what life would be like if the mom had another gig.Ultimately, the mom doesn’t switch jobs, but promises her son that she will spend more time with him. It’s a sweet, modern tale of the tugs of technology, work and family. Working mothers and children can appreciate and enjoy Busy Mommy, Hi-Tech Mom - An Original Interactive Educational Family Storybook together. For all of those moms whose kids have said, “mommy, please don’t go to work today” or“mommy, please get another job,” this story will make you smile.And for all the awesome, hard-working dads out there...check out our Busy Dad, Hi-Tech Dude Interactive Educational Family Storybook too! It’s another super cool and sweet story your kids will love.This story is perfect for the entire family.Features inside Busy Mommy, Hi-Tech Mom - An Original Interactive Educational Family Storybook✔ Kids tap on all of the street lights and building lights and make them flicker✔ Kids tap the spotlight in the theater and see mom’s outfit change for each new job theson imagines✔ Interactive elements on each page of the book- cool graphics inside their hi-tech house✔ Kids tap the printer and make it print a sheet of paper with text✔ Tap the big clock and make the hands move✔ Share the story with friends & family - send an email and let them know what book you’re reading!✔ “Read it Myself” - Allows you to control the reading of the book yourself✔ “Auto Play” - Automatically reads the entire book to you✔ “Play” - Automatically reads each page of the book to youWE VALUE YOUR FEEDBACKParents and kids are our best reviewers and help us create and improve our apps. We always welcome your suggestions, comments and thoughts. If you have a moment, feel free to rate and review our app. Please note that we aren't able to respond to reviews in the google Play store, but we'd love to get your feedback to our email: support@TabTale.comABOUT TabTalesearch “TabTale” on Google Play and discover more outstanding apps for young kids. TabTale’s interactive storybooks provide an exciting and rich reading experience for manyof the most beloved children's stories. Filled with innovative and engaging activities, eachbook inspires young children’s creativity and imagination in a stimulating, enjoyable andinteractive way. More fantastic stories and games by TabTale LTD are coming soon. . .Join our facebook Page: www.facebook.com/TabTaleFollow us on Twitter: @TabTaleBy downloading this application you agree to the Terms of Use of TabTale Ltd. which are available to your review on http://tabtale.com/terms-of-use.NEED HELP?Contact us 24/7 with any questions or comments: support@TabTale.com
  5. 小机器人奥德赛 完整版

    1037人安装 3.87MB
           《小机器人奥德赛 Ozzy's Odyssey》是一款休闲小游戏,画面音效都比较优秀。在游戏中玩家需要扮演小机器人奥德赛去探索那个神奇的世界,快节奏的动作和美丽的场景会让玩家体会休闲的乐趣。
  6. 恶魔猎手

    588人安装 77.63MB
    在这里打怪升级都是自动的,从你创建人物开始,就会不停的打怪升级!装备拿到手软,升级停不下来!全民挂机、热血PK。在这里,你将最终达到实力的巅峰,称霸勇者大陆!让你 重新体验经典永恒的魔兽世界。
  7. 旋转球

    480人安装 51.7MB
  8. 阿尔法零式

    465人安装 46.84MB
  9. 王牌保龄球反击战

    950人安装 19.16MB
    王牌保龄球反击战(Kingpin Bowling Strikes Back Pro)是Mokool Apps开发的一款体育竞技类游戏。 王牌保龄球反击战(Kingpin Bowling Strikes Back Pro)的官方介绍 你可以击倒所有保龄球瓶么?你会得到一个击倒或再来一次的机会?或者将你的球反弹到沟里?只有你的技能和准确度决定你是一个保龄球英雄或沟球恶棍。 一键式流畅的动作,使这个游戏很容易玩,简单易学。轻拨保龄球,看看你能否击中目标。 当你认为你已经征服它时游戏会再次迷惑你,突然移动更快或更慢。所以要注意! 王牌保龄球反击战(Kingpin Bowling Strikes Back Pro)的特色 - 3种不同的模式 - 简单,快节奏并高度上瘾 - 美丽的设计和高清的图形 - 平滑的触摸拖拽控制 - 有趣的音乐
  10. 忍者大逃亡

    390人安装 9.9MB
    一款快节奏的忍者逃亡动作游戏,一个从危险地带逃亡的忍者,在山涧中穿越,你必须要反应足够灵敏才能够逃生。操作简单,手指向上滑动控制忍者跳跃,连续滑动可多次跳跃。向下是加速下落,向右是加速移动,但是要看好能量条呦,快来试试吧! 1.优化内存,提高运行速度
  11. Save my Penguin: Brain Booster

    927人安装 30.98MB
    在一个科学探险队在南极研究企鹅和他们的环境,出事了。一半已经建成不久的南极冰盖,从表面的其余部分突然中断,边缘由于温度的突然增加的远征阵营。所以现在有一个巨大的冰山漂浮在南大洋的中间。悲剧的是,有科学的设备,大冰块,而被困在一些木箱,全部堆在冰山一些可爱的小企鹅的一部分。设备间有一些非常危险的TNT箱子,也可能会爆炸并杀死企鹅。这些小水鸟需要你的帮助来摆脱这种危险的境地。吹了冰块和白色木板分隔它们从TNT箱子,为了使爆炸箱子落入水中拯救企鹅。这不会是一件容易的事,因为你必须要注意,你不误扔错了箱子落水。事实上,冰山是由2贪婪的猎人一只北极熊和虎鲸的只是等待他们的膳食落入他们的下巴包围。您还可以使用超级炸弹产生的冲击波,将在空中炸毁多箱。此游戏是重力一个具有挑战性的基于物理学的游戏,每级需要的技能和大的逻辑来解决。选择你的动作仔细获得与水平,并注重框之间的木板。训练你的大脑,提高你的智商在这个自由的益智游戏。产品特点:- 高品质的3D图形- 甜蜜的字符- 不同的很酷的动画- 巨型炸弹- 逼真的物理- 很多具有挑战性的水平- 简单但令人上瘾的游戏提醒:为了获得更多的积分,你需要通过使讨厌的炸药箱粉碎漂浮的立方体塔在最短的时间内落入冰冷的水中。一个新的惊人的物理益智游戏投放市场供您娱乐!
  12. 桑丘快跑

    375人安装 182.71MB
    桑丘快跑是一个墨西哥的英雄革命者在巫术世界里打败自己的敌人,进入不同的世界,通过跑步和跳跃穿过田野,丘陵,沙漠和云层,来击败敌人和boss的伟大的战役和史诗的时刻。 桑丘快跑从概念到实施始终有一个目的:最大程度体现了墨西哥文化通过伟大的艺术指导,动画和角色,反映了墨西哥的传统。
  13. 决战一秒钟

    618人安装 20.61MB
  14. 点击怪物

    1048人安装 12.9MB
  15. 钻石之战:第三场

    1000人安装 55.91MB
  16. 交换方块

    401人安装 14.97MB