1. Hi-Tech Mom Family Storybook

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    Busy, Multi-Tasking Moms will Adore this Modern Story ofBalancing Work & Family! Meet a Hi-Tech Mom and her Son who Fantasizes about Different Jobs for his Mom. Amazing Graphics and Interactive Elements Bring this Clever Story to Life! The perfect interactive book for Mother's Day!Crazed, multi-tasking, working moms who desperately juggle the challenges of work, life and family, this story app, Busy Mommy, Hi-Tech Mom - An Original Interactive Educational Family Storybook, is for you and your kids! Are you rushing to get your child to school on time? Do you sometimes not make it home for bedtime? Are you tethered to technology finding it hard to pull away at home? Do you have days when you just don’t feel like a good mommy? We get it! This story is for you!This original story of a hi-tech mother who works day and night will resonate with all working mothers who struggle to have quality time with their kids and family and also get their work done. In this story, a little boy fantasizes what it would be like if his mom changed jobs. Maybe the mother should become a farmer or a police officer or a writer. Mother and son go through the options of what life would be like if the mom had another gig.Ultimately, the mom doesn’t switch jobs, but promises her son that she will spend more time with him. It’s a sweet, modern tale of the tugs of technology, work and family. Working mothers and children can appreciate and enjoy Busy Mommy, Hi-Tech Mom - An Original Interactive Educational Family Storybook together. For all of those moms whose kids have said, “mommy, please don’t go to work today” or“mommy, please get another job,” this story will make you smile.And for all the awesome, hard-working dads out there...check out our Busy Dad, Hi-Tech Dude Interactive Educational Family Storybook too! It’s another super cool and sweet story your kids will love.This story is perfect for the entire family.Features inside Busy Mommy, Hi-Tech Mom - An Original Interactive Educational Family Storybook✔ Kids tap on all of the street lights and building lights and make them flicker✔ Kids tap the spotlight in the theater and see mom’s outfit change for each new job theson imagines✔ Interactive elements on each page of the book- cool graphics inside their hi-tech house✔ Kids tap the printer and make it print a sheet of paper with text✔ Tap the big clock and make the hands move✔ Share the story with friends & family - send an email and let them know what book you’re reading!✔ “Read it Myself” - Allows you to control the reading of the book yourself✔ “Auto Play” - Automatically reads the entire book to you✔ “Play” - Automatically reads each page of the book to youWE VALUE YOUR FEEDBACKParents and kids are our best reviewers and help us create and improve our apps. We always welcome your suggestions, comments and thoughts. If you have a moment, feel free to rate and review our app. Please note that we aren't able to respond to reviews in the google Play store, but we'd love to get your feedback to our email: support@TabTale.comABOUT TabTalesearch “TabTale” on Google Play and discover more outstanding apps for young kids. TabTale’s interactive storybooks provide an exciting and rich reading experience for manyof the most beloved children's stories. Filled with innovative and engaging activities, eachbook inspires young children’s creativity and imagination in a stimulating, enjoyable andinteractive way. More fantastic stories and games by TabTale LTD are coming soon. . .Join our facebook Page: www.facebook.com/TabTaleFollow us on Twitter: @TabTaleBy downloading this application you agree to the Terms of Use of TabTale Ltd. which are available to your review on http://tabtale.com/terms-of-use.NEED HELP?Contact us 24/7 with any questions or comments: support@TabTale.com
  2. 忍者大逃亡

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    一款快节奏的忍者逃亡动作游戏,一个从危险地带逃亡的忍者,在山涧中穿越,你必须要反应足够灵敏才能够逃生。操作简单,手指向上滑动控制忍者跳跃,连续滑动可多次跳跃。向下是加速下落,向右是加速移动,但是要看好能量条呦,快来试试吧! 1.优化内存,提高运行速度
  3. 决战一秒钟

    618人安装 20.61MB
  4. 篮球对决

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  5. 长长长:Go Go Grow

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  6. 酒馆英雄

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    三国时期一个战火不休、英雄辈出、波澜壮阔的年代,这里的英雄豪杰常引起后人追思,其丰富多彩的历史内涵也流传到世界各地,从现在开始你将亲身征战三国时代烽火战场,谱写属于你自己的三国传说,你是否能带领你的精兵制霸一方?是否能再现三国时代的巅峰时刻?掌控三国有你做主!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>名将-酒馆开张啦>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>酒馆英雄正式上线!能够让大家在酒馆中招募到实力更加强悍的武将,不用再为武将不给力、杀怪难担忧了,武将加以培养将会成为你征战最得力的助手。为了你的精锐军团,快来宴请英雄豪杰将极品武将收入麾下吧!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>下载即刻去体验>>>>>>>>>>>>>----专属操作,追寻三国最美女神----全新、便捷的专属操作界面,带给玩家不一样的游戏体验。拿起手中的设备,点击下载即刻出发寻找三国最美女神! ----酒馆开张,轻松拥有橙色武将---- 酒馆系统震撼上线,三国英雄、佳人汇聚酒馆等待你的招募和派遣,快去发现、招募你的有缘武将助您成就王者霸业!----专属三国,烽火战场劲爽PK----竞技场、群英战、boss战….竞技PK,让你充分展现百兵布阵军事才能,为你演绎最爽快的三国争锋。 ----还原经典,上演真实三国历史----精英列传、赤壁渡江、天命占卜、武将征收……玩法不但精彩刺激,更是贴合三国历史,能够让你体验最真实的三国。>>>>>>>>>>>>>>名将-酒馆开张啦>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>酒馆英雄正式上线!能够让大家在酒馆中招募到实力更加强悍的武将,不用再为武将不给力、杀怪难担忧了,武将加以培养将会成为你征战最得力的助手。为了你的精锐军团,快来宴请英雄豪杰将极品武将收入麾下吧!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>下载即刻去体验>>>>>>>>>>>>>----专属操作,追寻三国最美女神----全新、便捷的专属操作界面,带给玩家不一样的游戏体验。拿起手中的设备,点击下载即刻出发寻找三国最美女神! ----酒馆开张,轻松拥有橙色武将---- 酒馆系统震撼上线,三国英雄、佳人汇聚酒馆等待你的招募和派遣,快去发现、招募你的有缘武将助您成就王者霸业!----专属三国,烽火战场劲爽PK----竞技场、群英战、boss战….竞技PK,让你充分展现百兵布阵军事才能,为你演绎最爽快的三国争锋。----还原经典,上演真实三国历史----精英列传、赤壁渡江、天命占卜、武将征收……玩法不但精彩刺激,更是贴合三国历史,能够让你体验最真实的三国。
  7. 立体宇宙射击 WarTors

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    Retro glowing 3D arcade action space shooter!
    Travel through the galaxy, gratuitously shooting down the swarms of enemies out to get you, collecting bonus items as you go.
    50 levels of carnage to get through, three levels of difficulty and a pounding soundtrack. Starts slow and easy, but soon builds up with swarms of aliens coming to get you - but at least you can collect weapon upgrades and other tricks to compensate!
    Reminiscent of the old "Star Wars" arcade game.
    50个级别的大屠杀打通,三个层次的困难和冲击配乐。启动慢和容易,但很快就建立了成群的外星人来接你 - 但至少你可以收集武器升级和其他技巧来弥补!
  8. 跳球跳跳

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  9. Burger Maker Crazy Chef

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    汉堡的时间!美味和古怪的汉堡和Groovy的厨师小工具数十!翻转和弗莱完美的饼,使国产薯条,加入酷浇头和疯狂包子!装饰一个神话般的表格,播放服务员在餐厅吃&'时间! 这是汉堡机疯狂厨师!孩子们可以玩汉堡厨师,做一些自制的,梦幻般的汉堡包和炸薯条。这部史诗汉堡机疯狂厨师的应用程序与几十个浇头和包子的,以及调味料,奶酪,香料和调味品的选择,也是超赞! 选择你的汉堡肉和磨它。再加入香料和特殊成分调味你的肉饼。每一个汉堡包需要一些薯条,所以我们会得到忙于一些自制的薯条!砍了土豆和选择你的形状 - 做鬼脸,皱或曲折 - 您选择。 现在是时候翻转和炒你的牛肉馅饼,但要小心不要烫伤汉堡!当它完全煮熟的笑脸将会出现。汉堡是准备就绪后,孩子们将一批梦幻般的炸薯条。那么它的时间从30包子汉堡选择 - 搞怪表情,冷静的设计和形状的疯狂使得这些包子超级特殊。酱与期权荷载的汉堡包。而从几个饮品。 饿了?好吧,你来对地方了!孩子们会在餐厅担任了美味的食物。准备在餐厅和一些帅哥在车里等着养活孩子的客户。确保你抹在脸上,汉堡可能是骯脏的!您也可以吞噬自己的汉堡包。 什么是汉堡内疯狂制作厨师: ✔让从头汉堡,磨碎肉,添加和混合配料和制作成肉饼 ✔选择从10浇头 ✔5种酱料 ✔一个疯狂的厨师笑脸温度计会告诉你,当你的汉堡已准备就绪 ✔超过20真棒汉堡面包,包括猫脸,外星人,机器人 ✔设置一个花式球台吃你的汉堡:6种饮料,十几板,超过两打餐巾纸,17眼镜,玩具29多! 汉堡制造商疯狂的厨师内部特点 ✔磨碎肉 ✔通过轻按手指砍了在一台机器薯条土豆 ✔触摸和拖拽混淆了汉堡的配料 ✔漆的特点 - 喜欢画画 - 通过移动你的手指传播酱汁,包括番茄酱和芥末! ✔把汉堡包炸锅和翻转,直到笑脸温度计说,它这样做 - 煮两侧! ✔围绕移动土豆完美薯条的电炸锅 ✔打开和关闭所有设备 - 油炸锅,土豆菜刀,磨床 ✔观看冰添加到您的饮料 ✔重新启动按钮,重新吃你的汉堡及以上 汉堡制造商疯狂厨师的应用程序是一个真棒的方式来获得在厨房里的孩子和爱好有烹饪。 关于TabTale 一个谷歌Play热门开发,其在Android上推出的高品质和创新应用的承诺的认可,TabTale精心生产游戏,互动电子书,和教育经验。拥有超过8.5亿的下载和增长,TabTale已成为孩子们和父母的爱开拓虚拟冒险的创造者。 TabTale的应用激发孩子们的想像力,激发他们的创造性思维,而有乐趣!在谷歌搜索“TabTale”播放,发现更多令人难以置信的应用程序。  访问我们:http://www.tabtale.com/ 谷歌加:https://plus.google.com/+Tabtale/posts 像我们:http://www.facebook.com/TabTale 跟随我们:@Tabtale 关注我们:http://www.youtube.com/iTabtale 联系我们 让我们知道您的想法!有问题?建议?技术支持?联系我们在24/7:WeCare@TabTale.com。 重要提示家长须知: *这个程序是免费游戏,但在某些游戏中的物品可以要求支付。您可以通过禁用这些设备上的限制应用内购买。 *通过下载这个程序,你同意在使用TabTale的隐私政策和条款:http://tabtale.com/privacy-policy/和:http://tabtale.com/terms-of-use/。 请考虑此应用程序可能包括有限的法律允许的目的第三方服务。> Hugs and Bugs! We’ve squeezed some tiny bugs and made your app all better;) > Keep sending us your feedback, so we can keep the games coming your way! > Join the TabTale family to get a sneak peak of our newest games! http://www.facebook.com/TabTale
  10. 笑话下载

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    This FREE App is all about puns and word play, if you like cleaver jokes then this app is for you. Share the jokes with your friends and wow them with your new found mastery of the English tongue. Think your funnier then submit your puns for inclusion in the App. Thanks for downloading and don't forget to check out my other Apps.
    *Warning, these jokes contain swearing and topics of an adult nature and as such are intended only for grown ups. Please do not download if you easily offend you will only get upset*
    *New jokes added weekly
    *Submit your own joke for inclusion in the app.
    *Move to SD card (android 2.2+ only.)
    *This app will remember were you are up to even if you turn off your phone or update the app
    *Share with SMS/Email
    *Copy to Clipboard(via menu button), for posting to social networking sites.
    *Random joke button
    *Hold the left arrow to go back to the start
    *Hold the right arrow to go to the end
    *Link to developer’s other apps in the market
    *Change the size of the text
    *Change the color of the text
    *Change the style of the text
    *Change the background
    *Rate the app
    Examples of what's inside (jokes are not censored in the app):
    "Did you hear about the guy whose whole left side was cut off?
    He's all right now."
    "I have loads of books on the Supernatural, Ghosts, Poltergeists and Crop Circles.
    I didn't buy them, they just f*****g appeared."
    "My ex-wife was deaf. She left me for a deaf friend of hers.
    To be honest, I should have seen the signs."
    "I was pressing my clothes the other day when I burned the middle of my leg
    Oh the iron knee!"
    "I named my son Matt Damon.
    He's my first Bourne."
    Appsolutely Fabulous, takes no responsibility, for the content of this app. None of the jokes were written by anyone at Appsolutely Fabulous, they were all either sourced form the internet or sent in by the users of this app. We accept no blame for any offense caused, care has been taken to remove offensive jokes, however it you are offended by any of the jokes please report them to us via the app and we will consider the joke for removal.
    *移动到SD卡(安卓2.2 +。)
    我没有买他们,他们只是“F *****克出现了。”
  11. 圆周率大战:Pi Fight

    45人安装 35.74MB
  12. 叠加数字:Clashing Sums

    757人安装 12.27MB
  13. 仙侠传之大漠雪

    464人安装 3.86MB
  14. 时空飞奔

    150人安装 10.1MB
    时空飞奔是一个快节奏的旋转转轮在粒子加速器设置。 - “辉煌的,颠簸的街机杰作,具有独创性和心脏搏动” - 掌上游戏机 - “一个大规模独特的取材于无尽的亚军流派” - Gamezebo - “你必须去学习游戏规则,那么你必须比别人玩得更好。” - 爱因斯坦 大跃进从普朗克普朗克你一个巨大的粒子加速器内积聚的速度和产生高能量的碰撞,发现奇怪的新粒子。使用精确定时和快速的反应来浏览,其中地板和天花板不存在一个危险的亚原子世界。' 这个游戏不包含在应用内购买,多余的电,硬币或XP系统 - 只是非常严肃的科学研究。 警告:这个游戏的一些部分包含闪烁的灯光,可能会导致一些用户的不良反应
  15. 几何形状1免费

    463人安装 12.24MB
    十克,圆锥,圆柱,角锥,菱形,五边形,圆形,四面体,风筝和多!教育游戏采用了大胆,鲜艳的图像,教你40个几何形状与每一个有趣的事实。学会识别最常见的二维和三维的几何形状,我们在我们的日常生活中遇到的。*有趣的游戏教给你普通的几何形状* 40大胆和鲜艳的图像许多有趣的事实 - 总共162竞赛模式,以测试你的记忆*幻灯片模式显示你所有的照片和事件按顺序排列*易于屏幕上的手势为事实,竞赛模式,比赛结果,幻灯片模式,静音模式,维基百科和帮助。*添加自己的照片和视频,使自己的独特的阿帕应用进程游戏。这个免费的应用进程中包含的图像,数据及音乐缴足版本(在上面详细描述)在可用的60%。它是广告支持,并且可能包含广告在通知托盘和/或主屏幕上​​的。“几何形状”的特色比赛模式,它要求你的问题的速度,以测试你的记忆。在比赛结束后,你可以检查你做了相对其他种族Tweet你的朋友,你最好的结果。幻灯片模式显示所有的照片和事件按顺序排列。只需通过滑动你的手指在屏幕上的图像,在水平和垂直方向。静音模式可以让你玩这个游戏,带或不带语音提示。 ,你可以快速跳转到相关页面维基百科上了解更多信息。游戏中还提供了易于屏幕上的手势,以帮助您快速找到事实,竞赛模式,比赛结果,幻灯片模式,静音模式,维基百科和帮助。或者你可以使用标准的Andr​​oid菜单。无黏广告。没有在应用进程的销售。没有互联网连接的需要。*有趣的游戏教给你普通的几何形状* 40大胆和鲜艳的图像许多有趣的事实 - 总共162竞赛模式,以测试你的记忆*幻灯片模式显示你所有的照片和事件按顺序排列*易于屏幕上的手势为事实,竞赛模式,比赛结果,幻灯片模式,静音模式,维基百科和帮助。*添加自己的照片和视频,使自己的独特的阿帕应用进程游戏。这个免费的应用进程中包含的图像,数据及音乐缴足版本(在上面详细描述)在可用的60%。它是广告支持,并且可能包含广告在通知托盘和/或主屏幕上​​的。“几何形状”的特色比赛模式,它要求你的问题的速度,以测试你的记忆。在比赛结束后,你可以检查你做了相对其他种族Tweet你的朋友,你最好的结果。幻灯片模式显示所有的照片和事件按顺序排列。只需通过滑动你的手指在屏幕上的图像,在水平和垂直方向。静音模式可以让你玩这个游戏,带或不带语音提示。 ,你可以快速跳转到相关页面维基百科上了解更多信息。游戏中还提供了易于屏幕上的手势,以帮助您快速找到事实,竞赛模式,比赛结果,幻灯片模式,静音模式,维基百科和帮助。或者你可以使用标准的Andr​​oid菜单。无黏广告。没有在应用进程的销售。没有互联网连接的需要。
  16. 润美人生活馆

    59人安装 1.69MB