1. 六轮大炮

    2.8万人安装 7.45MB
    Enjoy some tank versus tank action in this exciting simulation. Your six wheeled buggy is capable of climbing any terrain and it will be a pleasure to drive. The high accuracy of the physical simulation is unmatched. You can enjoy this game completely for free, and NO ADS. Go grab it and duke it out with your friends online. You can customize your panzer on six wheels after unlocking the premium version with a single in app purchase. Fly your ensign into battle. NEWS ===== By popular demand: I've replaced the reticule with a much improved aiming system. Now, the complete ballistics flight path is visualized. If you like S.W.a.a.G. then please rate my app. With a better rating, Google may be persuaded to feature my game, bringing in more opponents for you to play against! FORUM ====== You can discuss the game at the user forum: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/six-wheels-and-a-gun ONLINE ====== This game was re-released, with all new online action. New levels, avatars, leader boards, achievements, friend invites! GAME PAD ========= You can play this game with a blue-tooth game pad. Left stick: AIM Right stick: STEER Left Trigger: BRAKE Right Trigger: ACCELERATE DPad: BRAKE/ACCELERATE Shoulder buttons: FIRE A-Button: FIRE RANKS ====== Private: starting rank. Corporal: finished tutorial level. Sergeant: Completed gunnery range exercise. Lieutenant: First kill against A.I. tank, Captain: First kill against human opponent. Major: Five consecutive wins. Colonel: Twenty-five consecutive wins in multi player. General: Fifty consecutive wins in multi player.
  2. EvilBane: Rise of Ravens

    2.8万人安装 43.21MB
    http://evilbane.netmarble.com/ 用天堂之石的力量拯救世界! 全新时代的RPG游戏,在手机上体验史诗般的画面和战斗! 守护之战结束20年后,邪恶暗影又悄悄降临Ceroth王国,繁荣的大地面临和平危机。危难之际,被天堂之石选中的勇士们挺身而出,为拯救世界而战。 == Features == • 装备 - 上千种不同的装备,打造独一无二的勇士。 • BOSS - 组队击杀BOSS,获取荣誉和奖励。 • 副本 - 丰富的场景,无尽的探索等着你。 • 竞技场 - 做好准备,在竞技场赢得你的荣耀! • 公会 - 组建团结的公会,为公会荣誉而战! • 最低配置:CPU双核 1.2GHz以上,RAM1GB以上 - Terms of Service: http://help.netmarble.com/policy/terms_of_service.asp - Privacy Policy: http://help.netmarble.com/policy/privacy_policy.asp ※ This game requires a large amount of storage space and may need access to your external storage. Therefore, we need authorization for the following: * WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE * READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE Authorization is recommended for smoother gameplay. It will not authorize access beyond installing and reading this game. v 1.2.4 update 1. Bug fix - Being unable to access Guild Battles after clicking on the Guild Battles start button - Characters not moving during a Guild Battle - Issues with using ranged skills when an opponent is also using ranged skills during a Guild Battle - Evasion stats not working properly 2. New Doomsday weapon II added 3. New Doomsday Cloak added
  3. 喝啤酒的汉子

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    「喝啤酒的汉子 Drink Beer, Neglect Family」是 esayitch 开发的一款休闲街机游戏。 本作最初是一款 PC 端小游戏,男人出去喝酒,但是妻子很担心,于是召集自己好友,想办法劝阻男人。然而嗜酒如命的男人想方设法的躲避她们。 游戏中,不会有一成不变的操作,男主人公每喝完一杯啤酒,就会有新的操作方式出现,注意屏幕左侧的操作提示,很多惊喜在等着大家。
  4. 铲子骑士

    2.7万人安装 206.07MB
  5. 组装机器人先锋

    2.7万人安装 12.78MB
  6. 无尽滑板

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  7. 敲击小公主

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  8. 全民盗墓

    2.6万人安装 36.01MB
  9. 塔王之王

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  10. 角斗士真实故事 Gladiator True Story

    2.6万人安装 42.53MB
  11. 僵尸地狱 Zombie Hell

    2.6万人安装 37.8MB
  12. 火柴人幽灵忍者

    2.5万人安装 46.47MB
    火柴人幽灵忍者(Stickman Ghost Ninja)是Stick Ghost Studio开发的一款动作类游戏。 火柴人幽灵忍者(Stickman Ghost Ninja)的官方介绍 火柴人幽灵忍者(Stickman Ghost Ninja)是一款横版动作游戏,玩家需要控制火柴人去斩杀所有经过的敌人,佛挡杀佛、神挡杀神,还有各种酷炫十足的武器和技能供你使用,一起向前,开启你的杀戮之旅吧。
  13. Kika Keyboard 键盘

    2.5万人安装 16.92MB
    Kika表情符号键盘是Android设备上的智能键盘的应用进程,使得打字 <br />快速,简便和乐趣。<br />随着 1200+表情符号和表情符号,表情,搞笑的贴纸,色彩鲜艳,可定制的主题,GIF格式中,词语联想,智能自动校正,顺利刷卡, 60 +支持的语言的多,基卡表情符号键盘提供一切你会期望从一个世界级的智能键盘应用进程免费!<br />由于对谷歌播放最流行的Android键盘之一,超过3000万人使用Kika键盘要共享的Facebook,信使,Snapchat,Instagram的,Gmail的,视频群聊和更多的想法。<br />而我们提到它的免费吗? :&thorn;<br />主要特点<br />•1200 +绘文本和表情(ʘ‿ʘ)<br />原生支持-the第一键盘的WhatsApp的新emojis<br />•丰富多彩的主题/键盘外观<br />•搜索和发送GIF动画<br />•无限的贴纸与搜索<br />•刷卡类型<br />•字预测与建议<br />•智能自动更正<br />•支持60+语言/字典,包括英语,西班牙语,葡萄牙语<br />•自定义键盘与个性化字体<br />•语音输入<br />•键盘单击声音<br />•自定义布局,包括单手模式和分屏<br />•提供QWERTY键盘<br />为什么Kika?<br />有表情符号键盘应用进程,如谷歌键盘,swiftkey,去键盘和TOUCHPAL。与他们相比,木香是提供贴纸的GIF唯一的键盘。而Kika是完全免费的。<br />旨在帮助用户自由地表达自己,木香为用户提供了类似emojis伟大的内容,有趣的贴纸和GIF格式,字体,声音,和主题。如果你想表现,乐趣和个性化,木香是您的最佳选择。<br />Kika绘文本键盘也欢迎世界各地的创意设计师的想法。欢迎联系我们,如果您有兴趣分享您的想法。<br />与我们联系<br />Facebook的:www.facebook.com/KikaKeyboard<br />官方网站:www.kikakeyboard.com<br />支持与反馈:support@kikakeyboard.com<br />合作伙伴:partnerships@kika.tech <br />
  14. 城堡史诗战斗

    2.5万人安装 24.3MB
    It's a live pocket game that you can battle with real people that you can always carry on with you. Control your pixel hero character in a pixel designed pelasant world environments. Castle Crafter game will be your best friend in your spare time. Fight against real people as a team or single in well designed castles. Try to defend your castle or conquer enemies' castle with using your weapons like, sword, pickaxe, bow and arrow. Moreover, you can dig tunnels, open secret gates, build bridges and ladders, construct shelters and make shields by using crafted stones, rocks and dirts from real world. You can also bring your insidious plans with scuba diving under water. Share your tactics with your team friends during the game by using voice chat. The game is optimized for high performance for your best game play experience. There are 4 game modes in the game: First game mode is Flag Capture. Players choose a team to themselves. Defenders or Attackers. Regarding to the selected team, players prevent and stop enemies to intrude their castles and fight against attackers to keep their flags in safe. Otherwise attack to the castle and try to capture the flag. Moreover they can use common weapons like Catapult, ballista and fire arrows during the game. If blue team can take the red flag and bring it near blue flag before the time runs out, blue team wins. Second mode is Team Deathmatch. Player choose a team first at the beginning first. Reds or Blues. The most enemy killer team wins at the en of the time. Third game mode is Deatchmatch. In this game mode, every player fight for himself only. The most enemy killer player wins the game. Fourth mode is World Exploration. Players explore battlefields and castles offline. Players are free to play and make strategies in the world as long as they desired. There is no winning or losing in this game mode. There is no any internet connection required in this mode. In this war game, you are going to struggle to survive against real players for hours without any restraint. You will be witness to the battle and survival techniques in the time of Steve's ancestors with a different game mechanics and graphics from other common Minecraft games. Why are you wating for? Download and play. GAME FEATURES: - 4 different game modes: Capture The Flag, Team Deathmatch, Deatchmatch, Offline World Explore. - Completely free - Play with real people - Voice chat - 5 different weapons - 6 different environment and castle - Simple and Plain interface - HD graphics and high performance
  15. 强盗赛车逃生

    2.4万人安装 31.02MB
    《强盗赛车逃生 Robber Race Escape》是一款像素风格的逃生类跑酷游戏。你刚洗劫了城中两家著名的银行,现在遭到了警方的追捕。游戏共有4种车型供玩家选择,通过滑动控制轿车的前进方向。而你需要做的是避免碰撞到高速公路上的路障和冷不丁冒出来的警车。为了保命,你也可以选择将警察撞飞,这是一个无止境的游戏。 【测试机型】小米NOTE3稳定版
  16. 小猪回家跑酷游戏

    2.4万人安装 12.93MB