1. Z War-Zombie Modern Combat

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    In 2017, experience true fear as you lead the last empire on earth to salvation from the zombie horde in Z War. Utilize missiles, artillery and tanks to wage a deadly campaign for the restoration to reach your target of a peaceful society in an online military thriller which pits you in a battle against countless evil undead. Can you achieve domination and ensure the survival of humanity? World War Z is upon us and a gruesome infection has swept across the world. It’s a time for strength and leadership as you fight for survival. Can you can handle the responsibility of rebuilding, restoring discipline, fighting, and commanding a society in the name of a united humanity. Build up your settlements and defences, gather resources, upgrade your arsenal and research technologies in order to bring back a united world. Command your troops and battle the undead, before targeting new territory to ensure your empire’s continued expansion. Train in the arts of modern combat and develop your skills and you just might be able to rebuild civilization from its impending doom. In the face of such an evil threat, many survivors have united as allies and factions are beginning to form. Choose to join an alliance and if you do, alongside your new allies, compete against others in online military PVP action. Upgrade and enhance your arsenal, pilot your helicopter above the battlefield, battle tank squadrons and massacre your enemies to restore a new world order. Claim crucial resources as the spoils of war and use them to increase your chances of survival over New Year! Recruit players experienced in campaign warfare and make them your ally to gather resources and increase your resistance abilities alongside one another. Target and send hordes of supernatural zombies to their deaths. It’s down to you, alongside your allies, to bring back discipline and rule of law to the world! Features Overview -Download this totally free to play military and zombie themed game and start the adventure this New Year! -Seek out a trustworthy ally and go into battle united with millions of other players worldwide in combat. -Build a strong arsenal and stable city to protect your allies and faction from the evil, flesh hungry undead. -Research different technologies that will improve your resource production, reduce your building and recruiting times and increase your fighting effectiveness and ability to overcome the infection. Become a true leader in this zombie themed game! As leader it’s up to you to command a united force and stay alive in the face of World War Z: hordes of terrifying, evil, undead zombies. Utilise your leadership instincts, upgrade your buildings and research new technologies to save your people from a supernatural doom and bring order and peace back to your empire and then the world. Recruit elite troops! Give your people the chance and experience to become capable of protecting your city and claiming new territory. Form huge alliances! Resist the infection by joining with players from around the world to make friends and become allies to rival other factions. Command your troops! Select the right tactics for the enemy you face and you will soon be on a path towards domination of the post-World War Z, supernatural world. Watch on as your well trained men drive tanks to target and massacre your rivals before claiming their territory. Research cutting edge technology! Researching technology can have a dramatic effect on your faction and your ally’s resources, tank squadron, building and recruitment times and battle capabilities. This year, civilization and humanity are counting on you to return peace post-infection! Rebuild your city and use your expertise to begin the quest to restore world order! Check out our official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/zwar2015 1.The introduction of the Christmas Event - Save Santa 2.Added Alliance Christmas Trees 3.The addition of numerous special Christmas items 4.Added a festive Christmas background 5.Say hello to a new monster -- Santa Claus 6.Updated the unique Christmas game UI 7.Added massive Christmas sales and discounts! Christmas Sales(11/29/2016 12pm PST-1/2/2017 3pm PST) Price: $9.99 Base: Golds 1500 Extra: Golds 1500 Gold Bars*2 70 Vip Points Resource Chest10K*20
  2. 奥比的冒险

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  3. 僵尸火拼 Oops! Zombies

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           《僵尸火拼 Oops! Zombies》是一款将驾驶与射击融合的僵尸射杀游戏。

  4. 黑色之门 地狱之旅

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    《黑色之门:地狱之旅 Black Gate: Inferno》是来自免费游戏专业户Glu的一款MMORPG,你先从6个英雄种族中选出一种自己喜欢的,进行角色定制,然后和自己的好友组成战队去挑战暗黑之神。游戏支持4个玩家组队,你和好友还可以在PvP竞技场里大秀身手,游戏还支持实时语音聊天,到时候你可以和队友相互喊话,一起调度,享受和电脑网游一样的乐趣。
  5. 跑酷特工 Agent, Run! (Preview)

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    《跑酷特工 Agent, Run! Preview》是一款跑酷类游戏,游戏中,玩家需要帮助特工罗伯特战胜邪恶教授。游戏玩法很简单,你需要在前面用手指划出道路,他才可以通过哦。

  6. 圣射手传奇

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  7. 忍者之死

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    这款游戏是一款关于忍者的创意休闲游戏,游戏中玩家要扮演一个忍者的角色。 游戏中玩家要通过点击屏幕来让忍者跳跃攻击,忍者在跳跃时同时也是在攻击迎面而来的敌方忍者。 游戏中共有5个关卡,每一个关卡都有独具特色,每一个关卡的时间都控制在5分钟以内。 游戏还是有一定的难度的,玩家要做好面对忍者不断死亡的准备。 快来感受令人疯狂的忍者游戏吧!
  8. 艾豋战记2

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    Record Of Arden War 2(艾登战纪2)是来韩国的BiCORE公司,它的风格非常的类似于 Demon Hunter(恶魔猎人),同样采用的类似于2D横版风格。 游戏中拥有三种不同的角色类型,六种不同的职业,还有多种魔法以及技能可在游戏中习得,并且也有着不错的连击系统,喜欢此类游戏的玩家不要错过。 游戏特色: ?职业系统:六种职业可以选择; ?宠物系统:杀死某些特定的怪能够获得宠物,宠物都有特定的技能,能够帮助你战斗; ?技能系统:杀死特定的怪能够有机会获得一些技能; ?随机地牢:一个随机的地下城网络; ?拍卖系统:可以交换和出售你的装备。 注意:游戏第一次运行需要连接网络进行身份验证。
  9. 探险活宝Ooo大师

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  10. 泰拳格斗:起源

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  11. 二极管的一生

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    《二极管的一生 10 Solo》一款节奏跑酷游戏,玩家通过点击屏幕控制主角,像小鸟一样飞行,躲避障碍。与其他横板节奏跑酷游戏不同的是,这款竖屏游戏支持主角向上飞行,在同类游戏中并不多见;支持两边同时滑翔也给游戏带来了更多的乐趣。
  12. 为了二次元女神

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    被手游新娘们榨光了存款的家里蹲少年误入黑店开始了黑暗的打工历程……每天唯一的救赎?大概就是新娘们了……然而店长还是不来,存款依然是0。每天的日常就是收钱收钱收钱(然并卵,不是自己的),还要不停开发菜品宰客人,达到目标领薪水……送新娘礼物刷好感。   这是一个宅男为宅物无奈脱宅并惨遭各种悲剧的喜闻乐见的游戏,非常适合有着或者可能会有类似经历的宅男们,以史为鉴啊。
  13. 愤怒的战士:永恒之刃

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    一款动作 RPG 游戏,游戏采用了3D画面效果,打击感超强
  14. 召唤之光 修改版

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  15. 侏罗纪之夜

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  16. 丧尸屠城

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