1. 摇动Tilt

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    倾斜是一个游戏,你要引导球到终点。 我怎么玩? 答:很简单,倾斜! 多少级有哪些? 答:有60激动人心的(和具有挑战性)的水平! 有什么目标? 答:我们的目标是要完成每个级别。 当我完成会发生什么? 答:你可以打在每个级别的你的时间,你可以很快回来看看更多的水平!
  2. 泰坦时代:战争

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  3. 跳动的蛇

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  4. 棉花王国的冒险

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    Feeling inspired? Join the dreamy world of Fluffy Shuffle and accomplish exciting crafty missions: save the sheep lost in the patchwork, unsew buttons and remove sewing threads that block the pieces to move forward in your journey stitch by stitch. The most important task, though, is to let your inner artist free! <br />Stitch your craft skills together in an amazing match-3 puzzle! <br />Play along with your friends and share with them this incredible adventure! You can compare your abilities with theirs while matching plushies in this wonderful and colorful do-it-yourself world! <br />HOW TO PLAY<br />• Set your creativeness free and match similar colorful plushies. It is simple like that!<br />• Try to achieve high score matching three or more pieces of the same color.<br />• Use special pieces to eliminate groups of plushies.<br />• Unsew layers of fabric and buttons, remove sewing threads and solve the puzzle!<br />• Different obstacles will challenge you.<br />• Several missions make the game more and more exciting! <br />HIGHLIGHTS<br />• Great art work<br />• Inspiring for DIY lovers<br />• Social interactions with Facebook friends<br />• Exciting missions and challenging levels <br />Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money. <br />灵感了吗?加入蓬松洗牌的梦幻般的世界,完成精彩的狡猾的任务:拯救羊错落有致,unsew按钮丢失,清除堵塞件一针向前走你的旅程针缝纫线。最重要的任务,不过,就是让你内心的艺术家自由! <br />十字绣的工艺技术一起惊人的比赛3拼图! <br />一起玩你的朋友,并与他们分享这个令人难以置信的冒险!你可以与他们比较你的能力,而在这美妙的和丰富多彩的做它自己的世界匹配plushies! <br />HOW TO PLAY<br />•设置你的创造性自由搭配类似丰富多彩plushies。这是简单的像!<br />•尝试以实现高的分数匹配三个或更多件相同颜色的。<br />•使用特殊件,以消除plushies组。<br />•面料和按钮的Unsew层,去除缝纫线和解决难题!<br />•不同的障碍将挑战你。<br />•几个任务使游戏越来越精彩! <br />亮点<br />•伟大的艺术作品<br />•鼓舞了DIY爱好者<br />•与Facebook上的朋友社会交往<br />•令人兴奋的任务和具有挑战性的水平 <br />请注意!这个游戏是免费玩,但它包含可用真钱购买的物品。在描述中提到的一些功能和特点也可能有真钱购买。 <br />
  5. 青蛙王子相亲记

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  6. 猛将轻一点

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  7. 盒子岛:一小时代码训练

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    《盒子岛:一小时代码训练 Box Island One Hour Coding》是个适合初学者玩的编程训练游戏,游戏寓教于乐。加入盒子岛上的奇妙之旅,并帮助Hiro收集散布在野外的各种时钟!在这个有趣的游戏中,学生将在专为一小时代码活动而设计的游戏里探索代码的乐趣。他们将会学习编程的基础知识,并解决各种谜题。
  8. 通路

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    冠麗公司 Obamboo Inc.專業領域- 開發全球客資源方案- 建立行銷資料庫方案- 品牌行銷方案- 企業雲通路方案- KEYNET 搜尋行銷方案- [ 推廣專頁 ] 主動出擊行銷方案- APP 行動通路 行銷方案- 社群通路行銷方案- 數位資產建構方案
  9. 消失的爱人壁纸

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  10. 三消地牢DungeonCrawler

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  11. 快乐消消看

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    快乐消消看是一款经典的消消看游戏。 你只需要配色消除,游戏有数十种关卡, 全新的音乐和动效,保证让你耍得过瘾, 虽然游戏操作简单,要顺利过关也不那么容易。
  12. 点点青蛙高清版 存档

    718人安装 1.4MB
    《点点青蛙 高清版 Tap the Frog HD》是一款考验玩家反应速度的休闲游戏。游戏目前包含48个内容迥异的关卡,赛艇、蹦床、爬树… 各式各样的青蛙让人捧腹。游戏的操作只需简单的点触青蛙即可,每个关卡都有关于关卡内容的介绍,玩家需要在最短的时间内完成要求,并获得高分,有的关卡考验玩家的计算能力,有的则是数字逻辑…
  13. 媚娘射僵尸

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  14. Cobalt

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    Cobalt Restaurant in Orange Beach is the pinnacle of dining on the island. Every seat has a waterfront view of the bay. Whether you desire seafood, steaks, custom pizzas or one of our chef’s fantastic specials, Cobalt has an encompassing menu Our renowned chefs use the freshest ingredients and their distinctive talents to bring memorable selections to our guests.
  15. 糖果和冒险

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    Once upon a time there was a girl Julia. And she had a kitten Kitty. But one day Kitty disappeared. And then Julia started on her journey to the Magic Forest to find her lovely kitten. It was very scary at first, but very soon she met her good friends who helped her. The Magic Forest was full of sweets and adventures. Please, help Julia pass all the tests and find her beloved Kitty. Features: - 70 magical levels + new ones every week over the air; - sweet cakes and sweet graphics for your pleasure; - you can ask your friends for help while you are playing; - sweet boosters to make a magic while you are playing; - magic sync to Facebook app to let you play anywhere you wish; - grow up the Magic Strawberry to find the hidden magic place; - the deeper you are in the Forest, the more magical items you can find and the more sweet challenge you can get; - don't worry about the rules, you will be helped while you are playing. Stop reading! Let's make this sweet magic with us! FACEBOOK PERMISSIONS EXPLANATION We will never post on your feed without your explicit intention to share your best results with your friends. (in this case you have to press special "Share" button in the game) We asking you about two simplest permissions on Facebook: "Basic info" - to get your Facebook ID and friends list. "Publish actions" - to add some game achievements to your timeline (and you can hide them from your Facebook account at any time). 从前,有个女孩朱莉娅。她有一只小猫小猫。但有一天,小猫不见了。 然后朱莉娅开始了她的旅程,到魔法森林寻找她可爱的小猫。 这是非常可怕的在第一,但很快,她遇见了她的好朋友,谁帮她。 魔法森林充满了糖果和冒险。 请帮朱莉娅通过所有测试,并找到她心爱的小猫。 产品特点: - 每星期在空中神奇70 +的水平换新; - 甜蜜的蛋糕和甜的图形为你的快乐; - 你可以问问你的朋友帮助你在玩的同时; - 甜蜜的助推器,使魔术当你在玩; - 魔法同步到Facebook的应用程序,让你玩你想要的任何地方; - 长大的魔法草莓找到隐藏的神奇的地方; - 你在森林的更深,更多的魔法物品,你可以找到和更甜美的挑战,你可以得到; - 不用担心的规则,你将你在玩的同时得到帮助。 停止阅读!让我们把这个可爱的神奇与我们联系! FACEBOOK PERMISSIONS说明 我们永远不会张贴在您的饲料没有您的明确意向与你的朋友分享你的最好的结果。 (在这种情况下,你必须按下在游戏中特殊的“共享”按钮) 我们问你两个最简单的Facebook上的权限: “基本信息” - 让你的Facebook ID和好友列表。 “发布动作” - 添加一些游戏成就你的时间表 (你可以在任何时候从你的Facebook帐户隐藏)。
  16. 小小除魔者

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