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  1. 暖暖环游世界


    四大地区IOS排名第一,史上最萌软妹纸《暖暖世界之旅》安卓版! 一份意外的生日礼物,一张神秘的藏宝图,暖暖的环球旅程由此开启~带上美衣去旅行,感受怦然心动的穿搭体验! 哒啷~由猎豹移动全平台独家代理发行的《暖暖环游世界》是全球首款清新换装养成手游!2015年全球首发中日双语配音版本,日本顶级声优花泽香菜、大谷育江、神谷浩史、泽城美雪、朴璐美、村川梨衣倾情加盟,为《暖暖环游世界》献声配音。

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  2. 东方新世界


    《东方新世界》是一款复古风格的平台动作游戏,采用高质量的像素艺术风格。快节奏的操作,精心设计极具挑战的关卡(包含多路径和隐藏区域),融合众多RPG元素,收集玩法和成就系统,BOSS挑战,NPC系统,丰富多样的挑战玩法,总共有81个关卡等你挑战。 很久以前,有一个“勇士之国”,国民骁勇善战,人们生活得十分幸福。直到有一天,国王将国家的灵魂出卖给了戾之时空,从此,所有的国民沦为冷酷的杀手,为戾之时空执行暗杀任务收集戾气。布塔是顶尖的杀手,他的妻子因为拒绝了残忍的暗杀任务而遭受杀害,悲痛的布塔从此走上了复仇的道路,为爱而战!

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  3. 海上漂流记:新世界:Shipwrecked New World

    Explore the lush woods and mud bay in this paradise town. Challenge yourself and build your own adventure town, city or farm by clearing out a blissful town. Venture into this island and create your own vivid bay. Have fun in this blissful farm land simulation game. Things to do in this treasure island filled with joyride: ● Use a sword or axe to breach through the vivid woods and venture through obstacles. ● Forge royal houses and royal buildings from blissful woods to live in star flow. ● Make your own fortune story - grow and harvest crops, fruits and vegetables to survive and win daily rewards in this powerhouse fortune bay. ● Joyride to your own blissful shed in this paradise fortune bay. ● Forge your own mud fortress of venture in a paradise city. ● Dare yourself to Team Challenges and other Limited Edition expedition. ● Get bonus resources during time bound sales events or by harvesting debris. ● Board the force and draw honor rewards like sword, gold, spirit and silver coins to progress in the game. ● Play mini games, quests and team challenges on other treasure island star flow. ● Compete with friends like mud wizard on social team challenges and win big honor. ● Spawn your country escape and explore this island from a long time ago i.e. ice age in frontierville. ● Build a muddy township or city from the land for your neighbors in lush frontierville. ● Customize the land as you want it. Make a treasure dairy farm, an enchanted village city or a subway out of this adventure bay. Decorate your land with many collectibles in frontierville. Whether you are adventurous or want to pass time... Challenge yourself down this lush adventure road. Explore the muddy powerhouse characters who seek your help to restore it from a tiny paradise farm to a great city/town! Enjoy the original of all role play, multiplayer RockYou games (Shipwrecked, Westbound, Goldrush, Volcano Island, Skull Island & New World). Supported on most smartphones and tablets. Note: You must be at least 13 years of age to play or download this game. For more information, please refer to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. There are no cheats for this shipwrecked game. ~~~~~ NOTE ~~~~~ IN-APP PAYMENTS: The game is free to play, but you can buy special items to use in the game. NOTE TO PARENTS: This game may include direct links to social networking sites that are intended for an audience that is at least 13 years of age; direct links to the internet with the potential to browse any web page; and advertising of RockYou products and products from select partners. Bug fixes!!

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  4. 新神曲



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