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  1. 音律跳跳球

    Drop in some fun with PAPLINKO!
    In PAPLINKO, the goal is to bounce balls into cups, collecting coins and prizes as you go along! It's not all just about the prize though- bouncing off the pegs earns points and careful play will rack up your high score! The balls bounce off multiple pegs, each hit racking up points and changing the ball's path to the bottom. You can carefully aim and shoot each one, but the peg board is constantly shifting, so you'll have to rethink your strategy as you play! Hordes of special pegs shake things up, from bomb pegs to teleporter pegs! Use special multiplier pegs and bonus boxes to make that score grow and grow! Beware, prizes aren't the only things at the bottom- slimes will break your high score if you're not careful! Trade in all the coins you've collected to buy new backgrounds and ball characters to customize your game! Don't worry if you run out of balls, check back later and you'll have more available! PAPLINKO is fun for the whole family, kids and adults, plus you can invite friends from Facebook, share high scores, and more!
    “Never before have bouncing balls been so hypnotizing and addictive!”
    “More fun than a barrel of monkeys!”
    Take the Paplinko challenge - fun is just a bounce away!
    ✩ Over 30 prizes to collect!
    ✩ Mobile pegs that change as you play!
    ✩ Multiple puzzles to solve, with each puzzle set showing a different story!
    ✩ Over 25 achievements to complete!
    ✩ Special bonuses for daily play!
    ✩ A huge variety of special bonus effects to collect from the bonus box!
    ✩ Connect Paplinko with Facebook to post your high score and share the fun with friends!
    ✩ Combines some of the action you loved in games like Peggle, Pachinko, and Plinko!
    Try other games by Game Circus, including COIN DOZER and PRIZE CLAW 2!
    在PAPLINKO,我们的目标是,当您去反弹球入杯,收集硬币和奖品!这还不是全部只是though-反弹的挂钩的奖金收入点,细细把玩将机架您的高分!该球弹开多个挂钩,每打费尽了点,并改变底部的球的路径。您可以仔细瞄准射击各一台,但挂板是不断变化的,所以你必须重新考虑你的战略,你玩!特殊钉成群结队动摇的东西,从炸弹钉到传送点钉!使用特殊的乘数钉和奖金框使这一得分不断地成长!当心,奖品是不是在自下而上泥的唯一的东西会打破你的高分,如果你不小心!贸易所有的硬币你收集到购买新的背景和球字符来定制你的游戏!别担心,如果你用完了球,稍后再回来看看,你就会有更多的可用! PAPLINKO是乐趣为整个家庭,孩子和成人,再加上你可以从Facebook邀请朋友,分享高分,和更多!
    就拿Paplinko挑战 - 乐趣才刚刚反弹了!

    5.2 万人安装 · 2016年1月26日更新
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  2. 街机跳跳球

    Enjoy this easy to play skee ball style game with hyper-realistic physics featuring:
    • High Definition 3D Graphics
    • All new Themes, Balls and Prizes to redeem
    • Premium Themes (Ninja, Zombie) available
    • Google Play Services - Earn Achievements and climb the Leaderboards
    • If you wish to remove ads, simply enter the SHOP and UPGRADE
    Ball-Hop Anniversary Edition was made with valuable feedback received from our fans of Ball-Hop Bowling. Thank you for your support!
    Play the arcade and carnival classic known as skee ball, roller ball, ramp ball, etc. Different names, but the fun is the same. Roll the ball up the alley with easy swipe control and aim for the score hoops. Hit the special icons for big bonuses. Redeem new balls, themes, prizes and experience nostalgia. Over 5M downloads with the best graphics, physics, and gameplay in the skee ball style game category. Get it now!
    • Swipe up on the screen to launch a ball
    • Aim for the Bonus Icons to enhance your game
    • Swipe down to retrieve balls that don't launch
    • Tilt and Sensitivity settings are in the Pause menu
    • Tilt and perform bank shots for extreme control
    • 3 Bonus Icons = On Fire!
    • 6 Bonus Icons = Burning Up!
    • Please email us at the support address in Contact Information
    • If you don't receive a reply within 5 business days, check your Spam/Junk folders
    • We care about our customers and will do our best to help you out
    Your data is saved on the device and currently there isn't support to move save data between devices. If you uninstall the game without backing up, you will lose your data. You can use backup tools like Titanium Backup or any other backup program on Google Play. However, we do not encourage/support this and will not be able to provide support if anything goes wrong.
    •谷歌播放服务 - 赚取成就和爬上排行榜

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  3. 魔法跳跳球

    Fantastic Balls! Challenge how many balls you can link. Just click balls to make them drop, link up in the bottom slots and then collect coins. It's a funny and special game for your casual time.
    More balls linked up, more coins got. The Jackspot prize is 200 coins for all 7 balls! Wow! But be careful that you will lost half of prize if two balls fall into the same slot.
    And there are bonus games while balls hitting "lucky" board and bringing up 3 same lucky icons.
    This is a DIFFICULT game. Have a try and share your conquest with friends.

    1.5 万人安装 · 2015年10月22日更新
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  4. 跳跳球大冒险

    Mr.Papi (red ball guy) came into an ice castle where many hamburgers exist.
    Touch the buttons at the screen bottom to move and jump!
    - If he gets a hamburger, you get 50 points of score.
    - While he lands on an ice platform, the platform melts and will be gone soon.
    - If he hits the platform from downstairs, the platform breaks partially and you get 7 points.
    - If he falls to the bottom or clashes with spiky balls, the game ends.
    - The left side of the screen is connected with the right side.
    - 如果他得到一个汉堡包,你会得到50分得分。
    - 虽然他的土地冰平台上,该平台融化,不久将消失。
    - 如果他打从楼下的平台,该平台打破部分,你会得到7分。
    - 如果他落到底部或碰撞与高低不平的球,游戏结束。
    - 在屏幕的左侧与右侧连接。

    6692 人安装 · 2015年11月3日更新
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  1. 调皮跳跳球

    16 人安装 11.33MB
  2. 跳跳球

    6939 人安装 18.58MB
  3. 疯狂跳跳球

    253 人安装 5.4MB
    两个游戏主角向中间奔跑,点击 大的一个跨过小的,不要让两个 人物撞到一起喔!
    游戏速度会越 来越快喔,游戏背景颜色也会随 着分数的提高而改变,你觉得简单吗?快来挑战 一下,看谁能得到更多的分数喔!
  4. 动画点为孩子们免费

    3933 人安装 16.98MB
  5. 跳跳球达人

    4121 人安装 19.99MB