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  1. 挑战词汇

    Play PowerVocab(TM) which is free and one of the most popular word games to build a strong vocabulary. This mobile word game is also a handy dictionary of challenging words.
    If you love vocabulary builder, word scramblers, crosswords, scrabble, spelling bee, word search, hangman, or other word games, you'll love this amazingly fun game. While having fun, you will master 350 challenging words using our adaptive learning software to build a lasting vocabulary using flashcards. Report your scores on Facebook or play word with friends online or with other players.
    PowerVocab is specifically helpful for students of SAT, GRE, GMAT, and ASVAB, who are looking to substantially enhance their vocabulary into top tier. This app lets you build a lifelong critical skill.
    The key app features are Learn words, Challenge quiz, and Search words which is like a handy dictionary. The words contain detailed definitions, multiple example sentences, and phonetic pronunciation of words. Audible pronunciation is also available if your cellphone is running on Android 1.6 or above. The dictionary like list is available for searching word definitions and sample sentences.
    You will learn words displayed like a flashcard that allows words to be remembered visually. In addition, our proprietary software smartly uses word repetition and challenge tests to improve deep retention of the words in your memory to help you build a lasting vocabulary.
    This is a word game that allows you to build expertise for scrabble, crosswords, anagrams, and other word games. Use it as an aid to prepare for contests like spelling bee, or improve on competitive exams such as SAT, GRE, or GMAT. Also allows you to wordsearch for all the words in a dictionary type application.
    If you are updating from an existing version, please know that there is a possibility that a major upgrade that includes new words can result in reset of your learned words statistics, and loss of your progress. Minor upgrades such as with bug fixes or changes in background or graphics should not normally result in loss of progress or statistics if installed correctly.
    关键应用程序的功能是了解的话,挑战测验,以及搜索词这就好比一个方便的字典。这句话包含详细的定义,多个例句,和单词的音标发音。声音的发音也可以,如果你的手机是在Android 1.6或以上运行。像列表中的词典可用于搜索词的定义和例句。

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  2. 趣味拼字


    《趣味拼字 Crossword Dungeon》是一款益智的小游戏,游戏采用像素风格,游戏的玩法也较新颖,根据给出的提示猜出字谜,如果正确将会派遣怪兽助阵,如果猜错了,就等着被怪物们虐了!

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