1. Black & Silver Kika Keyboard

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    Kika Keyboard for
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    Kika Keyboard is a smart keyboard app for Android that makes typing fast, easy, and fun.
    ★Kika Keyboard Features★
    •800+ Emoji & Emoticons
    •Colorful Themes
    •Search & Send Animated GIFs
    •Word Predictions & Suggestions
    •Smart Auto-correct
    •Support 60+ Languages/Dictionaries
    •Customized Fonts
    •Voice Input
    •Keyboard Click Sounds
    •Customized layouts including one-hand mode & split screen
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    •800 +绘文字和表情
  2. 九转神魔

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    \"从小被人叫为废物的他,不鸣则已一鸣惊人。一念为神,一怒成魔,神魔九转,唯我独尊。 \" \"从小被人叫为废物的他,不鸣则已一鸣惊人。一念为神,一怒成魔,神魔九转,唯我独尊。 \"
  3. 暗黑女王超级攻略

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  4. Dungeon Master

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    The strongest market ARGP games, rich story, dazzling magic effects, convenient and understand mobile operating modes. Affectionate when the protagonist and his girlfriend were crossing a mysterious force to the end of a two-sun world, in this world, because the sun appears mysterious, mystical power to make biological evolution, biology and more powerful, and humans in order to survive forced into the underground life. Protagonist fearless ignorance, will bring the world what doomsday double sun, this was the right you try again! Operation: Move: Click on the left of the screen, the arrow keys to move out automatically. Attack: Click on the right side of the screen, firing magic attacks. Skill Bar: After purchasing magic scrolls in the menu, click on the big magic is released. Mobile Back key: Exits the menu or dialog box. To turn auto-attack mode: the protagonist automatically find and attack the enemy! Raiders Hint: Remember to save the recording tricks Oh! 最强的市场ARGP游戏,丰富的剧情,炫丽的魔法效果,方便了解手机的操作模式。 深情当主角和他的女朋友,为了生存穿越的神秘力量,以两太阳世界的尽头,在这个世界上,因为太阳出现神秘的,神秘的力量,使生物进化,生物和更强大的,和人类被迫进入地下生活。 主角无畏的无知,会带来什么世界的末日双层阳光,这是你再试一次的权利! 操作: 移动:点击屏幕左侧的箭头键自动迁出。 攻击:点击屏幕右侧的,发射魔法攻击。 技能栏:购买魔法卷轴中的菜单后,点击大魔被释放。 手机返回键:退出菜单或对话框。 要关闭自动攻击模式:主角会自动寻找并攻击敌人! 攻略提示:记住要保存录音技巧哦!
  5. 种族荣耀OL

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    神马?RPG+卡牌+策略三合一创新手机网游?这货完全木有听说过啊。 2015年初巨献,新一代迷宫探索式网游《种族荣耀》震撼登场,带你告别老式的乏味推图游戏。在这里你将化身为乱世中的小城君王,召集能人异士,组建强大的军队,突破命运的桎梏,打响惊心动魄的东征之旅。
  6. 照亮我的恐惧:Light My Fear

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  7. TimeSheet

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    Ideal for the mobile professional to track time anytime, anywhere and import it directly into QuickBooks or MYOB.:: Enter timesheets only once ::Because Zed TimeSheets is integrated with QuickBooks you no longer have to re-key timesheets, saving you hours and making it easier to track billable and non billable hours. Enter your time only once into your Android phone, then send it via email to be imported into QuickBooks or MYOB to produce pay checks or invoices.:: A Familiar Look ::Zed Timesheets uses the same terminology as QuickBooks... Customer Job, Service Item, Billable, so it is all familiar. The screens use the great Android look and feel so you instinctively know what to do. If you have been entering time directly into QuickBooks - now with Zed you will feel right at home. :: Peace of mind ::It's easy to record and send timesheets to QuickBooks so you are less likely to forget to enter billable hours for jobs that are away from the office. With a few clicks your timesheets can be emailed back to the office to be imported into QuickBooks leading to faster billing, and gives you a more accurate picture of what jobs are making you money and which are costing you money.:: Features ::Easy to use time entry screensGroup time entries by Timing and CompletedOption to enter time increments of 15, 6 or 1 minutesEmails timesheets in IIF format to import into QuickBooksEmails timesheets in MYOB format to import into MYOB AccountRightEmails timesheets in text format for use in spreadsheetsDesigned to work with QuickBooks or MYOBCan be used online or offline:: System requirements ::QuickBooks Pro or aboveMYOB integration requires MYOB AccountRight
  8. 全民奇迹

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  9. 捷克-指导 Czech Republic - FREE Guide

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    Czech Republic and Prague: Illustrated Travel Guide and Offline Map (Mobi Travel)
    MobileReference guides help you get the most out of your vacation. The guides are available for most destinations worldwide and always include FREE offline GPS maps. Over 3 million MobileReference Travel Guides have been downloaded.
    The world’s most popular electronic guides developed for your smartphone have the following features:
    ✔ GPS map loads to your smartphone memory - no network access needed once the app is downloaded
    ✔ GPS map displays your location along with nearby sights and attractions
    ✔ MobileReference guides use vector-based maps so they load quickly and are easy to zoom and scroll
    ✔ Unlike other travel guides, GPS coordinates for attractions have been verified by users on the ground
    ✔ Attraction articles can be accessed from both an alphabetical and a categorical index
    ✔ Top 10 attractions article features sights that no visitor should miss
    ✔ Articles include tips on what to do and see in your destination
    ✔ Phrasebook include list of common words and phrases
    ✔ The top restaurants have been individually selected by MobileReference editors
    MobileReference Travel Guides provide detailed, practical information about attractions, landmarks, transportation, cultural venues, dining, lodging, history and much more. They are indexed alphabetically and by category, making it easier to access individual articles.
    This fully-functional guide is absolutely free. The full version (only $4.99) adds Text-To-Speech and expands articles with more information about attractions, history, culture, itineraries, phrasebooks and more. Listen to complete articles on the go with Text-To-Speech: double-tap on a word to start Text-To-Speech from the selected word or select Menu > Start Text-To-Speech.
    Essentials: Phrasebook | Eat | Drink | Sleep | Buy | Respect | Contact | Stay Safe | Stay Healthy | Driving in Europe | Units Conversion
    1. General: Regions & Cities | Geography | History | Culture | Art | Bohemian Crown Jewels | Golem | Bohemia | Moravia
    2. Maps: Prague | Old Town | Prague Castle | Metro | Czech Republic | Czech Republic (detailed) | Highways | Brno
    3. Transport: Get in | Get around
    4. Attractions: Top 10 | See | Castles
    5. Prague: Tourist Office | Eat | Drink | Sleep | Stay Safe | History | Climate | Economy | Education
    5.1 Transport: Get in | Get around | Tram | Airport | Metro | Petrin Funicular
    5.2 Attractions: Map | Top 10 | See | A-Z | Itinerary | Buy | Tours | Passes | Buildings | Churches | Squares
    5.3 Culture: Theaters | Black Light Theatre | Museums | Events
    5.4 By Area: Districts | Vltava | Petrin Hill | Get Out
    6. Central Bohemia: Benesov | Beroun | Konopiste Castle | Kolín | Kutná Hora | Mladá Boleslav | Podebrady | Slaný | Karlštejn | Beroun | Ceský Sternberk Castle | Lány | Krivoklát Castle
    7. West Bohemia: Františkovy Lázne | Cheb | Karlovy Vary | Mariánské Lázne | Pilsen
    8. North Bohemia: Bohemian Paradise | Decín | Liberec | Litvínov | Most | Teplice | Terezin | Ústí nad Labem | Litomerice | Prachov Rocks | Špindleruv Mlýn
    9. East Bohemia: Ceská Trebová | Chrudim | Hlinsko | Hradec Králové | Litomyšl | Moravská Trebová | Pardubice | Svitavy | Ústí nad Orlicí | Vysoké Mýto | Bohemian Paradise | Prachov Rocks
    10. South Bohemia: Pisek | Ceské Budejovice | Ceský Krumlov | Nové Hrady | Trebon | Jindrichuv Hradec | Holašovice | Hluboká nad Vltavou | Klet | Zlatá Koruna
    11. Bohemian-Moravian Highlands / Vysocina Region: Jihlava | Pelhrimov | Nové Mesto na Morave | Telc | Trebíc | Zdár nad Sázavou
    12. North Moravia: Ceský Tešín | Frýdek-Místek | Havírov | Jeseník | Karviná | Litovel | Olomouc | Opava | Ostrava | Prostejov | Zlaté Hory
    13. South Moravia: Brno | Veverí Castle | Blansko | Breclav | Kromeríz | Lednice-Valtice | Mikulov | Moravian Karst | Mutenice Wine Region | Novosedly | Rakvice | Zlín | Znojmo | Cornstejn Castle
    -MobileReference®. Free maps for worldwide destinations™.
    ✔GPS地图加载到智能手机的内存 - 一旦需要的应用程序没有访问网络下载
    5.2景点:地图|十大|查看| AZ |行程|求购|旅游|通行证|建筑物|教会|平方
    5.4按地区:区|伏尔塔瓦河| Petrin山|走出
    6波希米亚中部:贝内绍夫|贝龙|科诺皮什切城堡|的Kolín|库特纳霍拉|波利斯拉夫| Podebrady的| Slany镇|卡尔施泰因|贝龙|捷克克鲁姆施特恩贝克城堡|蓝菱| Krivoklat以东城堡。
    8北波希米亚:波希米亚天堂|杰钦|利贝雷茨|李维诺夫|热门|特普利采|泰瑞辛|拉贝河畔乌斯季| Litomerice(捷克)| Prachov岩石|比尔森。
    9东波希米亚。CESKA博瓦| Chrudim | Hlinsko |赫拉德茨克拉洛韦|区Litomyšl| MORAVSKA博瓦|巴尔杜比采|斯维塔维|拉贝河畔Orlici的|维索克塔MYTO |波西米亚天堂| Prachov岩
    10南波希米亚:皮塞克|布杰约维采|捷克克鲁姆洛夫|诺夫Hrady |崔邦|英吉夫|霍拉索维|伏尔塔瓦河畔赫卢博卡| Klet |外的ZlatáKoruna。
    11波希米亚 - 摩拉维亚高地/维索基纳地区:伊赫拉瓦|PELHŘIMOV|新城呐Morave |泰尔奇|特热比奇|Zdár河畔Sazavou的。
    12北摩拉维亚:捷克克鲁姆Tesin中|弗雷德克米 - 斯坦克市|哈维若夫|耶塞尼克|卡尔维纳| Litovel |奥洛穆茨|奥帕瓦|俄斯特拉发| Prostejov |Zlaté霍里。
    13南摩拉维亚:布尔诺|Veverí城堡|布兰斯科|布热茨拉夫|克罗梅日什|莱德尼采 - 瓦尔季采|米库洛夫|摩拉维亚喀斯特| Mutenice葡萄酒产区| Novosedly | Rakvice |兹林|兹诺伊莫| Cornstejn城堡
    - MobileReference®。免费的地图为世界各地的目的地™。
  10. 高效节能手电筒

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    一个月总有这么几次,突发停电,独行夜路,这时您需要这样一款高效节能的照明软件来照亮黑暗的每一个角落,这感觉棒极了。 应用特点: 1.安全(不偷流量,不盗隐私,绝无广告,不耗内存) 2.简洁(操作方式简单,界面简洁) 3.实用(兼容稳定,启动速度飙升,有效避免闪退) 4.多功能(一键调节屏幕亮度,实现屏幕照明)
  11. Pirsum Ha'Tora

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    Basta de "¡Bitul tora!" Nuestra nueva aplicación te permite escuchar las conferencias actualizadas de los Rabanim mas importantes de nuestra comunidad. No pierdas el tiempo escuchando la radio; valora esos momentos libres para educarte, para aprender y escuchar palabras edificadoras, mensajes de vida para enaltecer el nombre de "Hashem" y para conducirnos en su camino.