1. 水果碰撞

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  2. 放置农场

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    Grow and automate the most profitable farming empire of all time! Make smart investments into a wide variety of whacky crops and animals and you'll earn millions in no time. Can you build the most profitable farming business in the universe? FEATURES ✓ AUTOMATE your farm and earn continuously while you’re away to get rich ✓ COLLECT hundreds of cool crops and animals, each with their own style ✓ WEATHER CONTROL – Increase production by powering up the sun and making it rain on your farm ✓ PRESTIGE by taking your crops to market in return for magical seeds ✓ INVEST WISELY with smart decisions on when to upgrade, harvest or earn idle profits ✓ PLAY ANYWHERE! - Free to play online or offline, no connection required. Become the greatest, richest and most humble farmer in the universe! Got questions? Check out our community: https://www.facebook.com/farmawaygame/ Got feedback? We're always happy to hear it: contact@futureplaygames.com Privacy Policy: http://www.futureplaygames.com/privacypolicy.html Terms of Service: http://www.futureplaygames.com/termsofservice.html Love from the Idle Farming Empire Team, Helsinki
  3. 3D夹娃娃机

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    大型游乐场最受欢迎的夹娃娃机,总是让人忍不住玩上几回,却总是在一连串失望下败兴而归吗?现在你也可以在手机里享受到同样的游戏乐趣了! e7play最新推出,全触控操作,全三维精致画面完整重现大型机台,你也可以转动角度,对准目标精确出手!多达数十多款可爱造型娃娃,还有收藏品一览模式,你可以慢慢转动角度欣赏夹到的娃娃。最新的3D技术,给你最好的声光飨宴!现在就把大型夹娃娃机放进手机,随时享受夹娃娃带来的成就乐趣吧!完整版开放全部的娃娃种类,让你夹得更过瘾! 1、优化了背景图片资源文件,美化了游戏界面 2、优化了部分声音资源文件,提高了声音效果
  4. 告白小人

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  5. 逻辑大挑战

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  6. 几何冲刺 精简版

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  7. 加菲猫总动员官方中文版

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  8. Hello Kitty咖啡馆

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    《Hello Kitty咖啡厅:假日篇》是一款模拟经营游戏。Hello Kitty刚刚开设自己的咖啡厅,顾客们正从各地蜂涌而至!你可以在这款超可爱的游戏里,跟着Hello Kitty一起体验咖啡厅的管理文化!你可以帮忙Hello Kitty经营咖啡厅,为顾客安排座位、为餐厅员工分派任务,并且管理与提升咖啡厅的各项设施。
  9. 甜点消消乐

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  10. 宝贝吃水果多纳

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  11. 童话公主

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    Build a beautiful magical castle in Fantasy Fashion: Fairy Town! Dress up & Makeup your fairy tail town with stunning decorations. Check out our fairy farm and build skyscrapers of fruits and vegetables. Sparkling fairy dust everywhere to see. Grow fairy magic poison potion and scare off the village witch. In Fantasy Island you can build your very own fairy kingdom. Girls and Boys play fantasy fairy kingdom island with family and friends. Discover the unicorn kingdom of fairy friends. Rescue your fairies from the big bad witch. Be not the princess in the game but a beautiful flower Fairy Be one of the fantasy heroes , come on Join us in Fantasy Fashion: Fairy Town to enjoy every fairytale moment ever after. Design your imagination island of dreams! Meet and care for cute lovely creatures! Make beautiful magic potions and dresses! Play the best imagination island of dreams game and have fun! Meet and care for a fairy helper, a fairy tale queen, and a witch! Meet their friends! Design & explore beautiful fairy castles, find secret treasures, meet new types of lovely creatures! Build the perfect fantasy kingdom & fairy house for your fairies! In Fairy Fantasy Island everyone lived in harmony together, all young fairies enjoyed going to school to learn new magic potions recipes. The nasty witch from the valley of darkness didn't enjoy seeing how happy everyone was. On a very beautiful summer’s day, the witch decided to enter the village but she knew she had to disguise herself, because the witch isn't allowed in the Village. The witch disguised herself as a music teacher and told all the village kids in town to follow her into the forest of magic. Suddenly the beautiful day turned stormy, one fairy got afraid and ran back to the Fantasy Island to ask for help. When the parents arrived in the fantasy forest of magic the witch had snatched all magic potion recipes and flew away into her valley of darkness. The little fairy in the fantasy story that ran away still had one recipe in her pocket. The last hope of recreating Fantasy Island lies with you! Play the magic tree of fortune to earn fantastic gifts. Enjoy our whack a witch game and protect your village. Discover fairytale island with many different magic potion factories to build. Experience a family fun kids adventure in our fairy tale game! Magic fairy island awaits your arrival! Be quick, the fairy makers want to explore fairy world with you! Watch the Fairy’s Mix with their Friends & have fun You’ll love the fairies in this game more than the disney fairies Play with your friends and visit their magic island in the sky, too! Features: * PLAY OFFLINE! No internet connection required * Design beautiful coral reefs * Meet fairy helper, a fairy queen and a witch * Discover beautiful and cute lovely creatures * 2 FREE mini games to enjoy! * DAILY FREE GIFTS to send to your friends & family! * UNLOCK more decorations & lovely creatures to meet as you level up your magic island in the sky! * Explore & DECORATE your own fantasy kingdom just the way you want it! Make your visitors happy - show them your beautiful fairies, magic gardens and decorated beautiful fairy castles. See you all soon in the fairy tail game and don't forget to come and visit my imagination island of dreams! In this game, you will meet beautiful fairies, explore, build and design fantastic-looking beautiful fairy castles & fairy house in a imagination island of dreams. Design, plan and build your own fantasy kingdom! Populate it with many fairy helper, fairy queen, and all kinds of fairies you can think of. Decorate your magic island & Magic garden in the sky and have fun meeting new types of fairies. Show your magic island in the sky to your friends, too! Invite them to play with you and explore the fantasy kingdom together. Fantasy Fashion: Fairy Tail is like a Princess game for Girls except there in no Princess but a fairy. This Fantasy Story in the Fantasy Town has a Happy Ending!
  12. 魔法萌萌消

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  13. 么么哒

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    男神女神么么哒是Fans部落打造的一款偶像级的游戏,无任何弹出广告,绿色安装。游戏画面精美,玩法简单,让人爱不释手,停不下来! 传说只要用心就能成为男神/女神的....你懂的,么么哒。。。。 小伙伴们赶快带上自己的男神女神一起么么哒吧,与自己偶像零距离接触,么么哒。 已入驻男神女神TFBOYS EXO 少女时代 李易峰 张杰 Superjunior Bigbang 邓紫棋 Cnblue G-Dragon 权志龙 华晨宇 炎亚纶 F(x) 2pm SHINee 唐嫣 李敏镐 刘诗诗 周杰伦 李钟硕
  14. 菇菇栽培研究室 Mushroom Garden Deluxe

    4.1万人安装 43.83MB
    [Monthly Event] You can play monthly events in this app. These events are given seasonal theme or Japanese features. [Whole new feature is added!!] New feature "Box Room" is added. This reveals the largest secret of Funghi, the life of Fungi after being harvested. Let's coordinate your own Box Room with your favorite Funghi!! 【Notice about "File Corruption" "App Initialization"and "Downloading required Data "】 1. Notice about "File Corruption" and "App Initialization" We have found that certain cache deleting app will delete the data required for "Mushroom Garden Deluxe" and it causes the "File Corruption" and/or "App Initialization". If you are using cache delete app and "File Corruption" message appeared, please remove "Mushroom Garden Deluxe" from "cache Delete target application" and it may improve the situation. 2. Notice about "Downloading required Data " After "File Corruptioin" message is showed, the app will download the required data. This process takes a while (more than5 min) and this cannot be run at background. While the data is downloading, please remain on the download screen, or the app may lose the connection and downloading might fail. We are now searching the method to shorten the time for downloading. We deeply apologize about the situation and appreciate your understanding. ---------------------------------------------- Luxurious Mushroom Garden for You. "Mushroom Garden" accomplishes new evolution. *"Log" holds the importance. The Log became really important in this "Mushroom Garden Deluxe". Grading up the Log is the key to Rare Funghi. *"Request" systems! Cromwell became a bit selfish this time. If you clear the request from him, the happy thing might happen! *Advanced Library! Three kinds of medals are key of advancing the library, The library will be enhanced depending on the number of collected Funghi. *Events Get the seasonal items by participating the events. Special gifts will be given in Events. *The BGM! Cultivate and harvest with amazing musics. New 6 musics produced by Toshiko Tasaki, the sound creator of Touch Detective series. *About Mushroom Garden The world's first genuine mushroom-growing sim! The first app was released in 2011 as a spin-off app of "Touch Detective". Cultivate Funghi and harvest by swipe, it is the simple app.
  15. 魔法冰淇淋

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  16. 植物奇兵

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