1. 超级投篮

    600人安装 18.9MB
    CAUTION: Addictive Gameplay Ahead!
    How many consecutive shots can you score? Get ready to challenge your friends in a 2 minutes frenzy basketball shooter session and become the world's best player in 3D basketball game. Once you start, you can't stop!
    Swipe Basketball is the only basketball game that fully embraces the incredible 3D physics engine and effects. Use your finger to swipe and get the prefect shot. And if at the first time you don’t succeed, don’t worry, try and try again! There's no time to lose!
    We supply some power-ups to help you give your best. Use them —bonus points, extra time, free throw, precision, bullet time, rampage- to achieve a better score before your friends break the record. Tune up your shot and soon you will be able to be with the bests!
    How to play?
    ✔ Touch the ball and fling towards the basket to shoot it.
    ✔ You need to score as many points as possible within the given time.
    Main game features:
    ✔ Easy to control
    ✔ Stunning 3D graphics
    ✔ Cloud game saving, now play seamlessly across devices and restore your progress after reinstall
    ✔ Collect coins to buy extra time, bonus points, power-ups and more.
    ✔ Collect 24 achievements and show off your swipe prowess.
    ✔ Connectivity with game services
    ✔ Awesome effects
    ✔ Swipe Basketball is a favorite for all ages, from adults to kids.
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/uplayonline
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/uplayonline
  2. 美食喵喵喵

    600人安装 24.45MB
  3. 花花贝贝动物园

    600人安装 16.07MB
  4. 黑森林魔法

    900人安装 20.15MB
  5. Cute Stars

    659人安装 4.62MB
    不同的主题 - (粉,绿,白,金)
    - 背景亮度
    - 粒子动画
    - 星动画
    - 撤消最后一步
    - 多层次
    - reseting水平
    - 存储在手机的结果
    享受游戏,如果您有任何建议,不要犹豫写 kasurdev(AT)gmail.com。
  6. 船舶伴侣-嘉年华邮轮

    555人安装 59.77MB
    Voted #1 Cruise App - Over 1 Million Downloads!
    Start your Cruise Countdown now! Track Cruises, see who you're sailing with, view Deck Plans, see Ship & Port Reviews, Cruising Pictures and much more!
    Use our cruise finder to search through 100k itineraries from
    all major lines.
    Included Cruise Lines:
    ★ Carnival Cruise Line
    ★ Royal Caribbean
    ★ Disney Cruise Line
    ★ Norwegian Cruise Line
    ★ Princess Cruises
    ★ Celebrity Cruises
    ★ Holland America
    ★ MSC
    ★ Oceania
    ★ P&O
    ★ Cunard
    ★ Oceania
    ★ Azamara
    ★ Seabourn
    Here are some of our many Ship Mate features.
    → Cruise countdown clock
    → Roll Call
    → Deck plans & Ship info
    → Cruise port info (history, maps, locations)
    → Excursion options
    → Cruise Chat – meet those on your ship today!
    → Itineraries for 95% of all Cruises
    → Deck cams
    → Cruise Finder / Ship tracker
    → Vacation picture gallery
    → Cruising tips
    Voted "
    Best Cruise App," Ship Mate has over
    One Million Downloads and was the first cruise app every created!
    Inside, you'll find tons of content for your cruise ship and ports. You'll get to know your vessel top to bottom using our detailed deck maps and user submitted images. You can visit your ports well before stepping on board, and be ready to make the most of your limited time at each. Our cruise forums are packed with happy users, eager to share their cruise knowledge and tips.
    We have over 300 cruise ships, including some of the most popular new vessels, like:
    ★ Carnival Dream
    ★ Carnival Sunshine
    ★ Carnival Splendor
    ★ Disney Dream
    ★ Disney Wonder
    ★ Disney Fantasy
    ★ Norwegian Getaway
    ★ Norwegian Epic
    ★ Norwegian Pearl
    ★ Quantum of the Seas
    ★ Allure of the Seas
    ★ Oasis of the Seas
    Don't take our word for it - here's what our Ship Mate users are saying.
    "Just want to let you guys know that I love, love, love this app! I'm going on my 5th carnival cruise in January and then 6th in April and I love every aspect of this app! Thank you so much for keeping up the great work!"
    Rachel J.
    "Your app was invaluable during this cruise, to record excursions etc. I have since recommended it to many friends, who are equally delighted with it as I am."
    Julie D.
    "I really appreciate the countdown board and all of the other cool features your app offers regarding port tips.Thank you for doing what you do!"
    Angie B.
    So don't wait to start your cruise. Download Ship Mate and start the vacation today!
    NOTE: Ship Mate is not affiliated with or integrated with Cruise Critic, iConcierge, iCruise, Carnival, or any other line.
    Powered by Cruiseline.com
    投票#1邮轮应用 - 超过100万下载
    启动您的邮轮倒计时吧! 轨道邮轮中,看到你航行了谁,认为甲板计划,见船舶及港口评论,巡航图片以及更多!
    ★ P&O
    →克鲁斯聊天 - 满足那些今天你的船!
    不要把我们的话 - 这里就是我们的船大副用户说。
  7. 超级企鹅

    540人安装 92.31MB
    Classic 2D jump'n'run sidescroller platformer game in a style similar to the original Super Mario games.
    Gamepad is recommended for playing on TV. Please don't play the game with TV remote, even though you can, if you enable 'Jump with up' in Options - Keyboard setup.
    Sources can be downloaded here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/libsdl-android/files/apk/SuperTux/
    经典的2D jump'n'run的sidescroller成熟的游戏中类似原来超级马里奥游戏风格。
    游戏手柄推荐上播放电视。请不要在选项中远程电视玩游戏,即使你可以,如果你能'用起来跳“ - 键盘设置。
  8. 指尖魔法

    525人安装 4.53MB
  9. 曲奇(经典版)

    525人安装 11.22MB
  10. 孩子们学习数学精简版

    619人安装 9.59MB
    Fun4Kids Honey Bee Kids Educational Apps
    Kids Learning Math Lite(US English)
    Lite version includes 3 activity.
    Addition, Subtraction and Count activities are available in lite edition.

    Kids Learning Math
    Kids Learning Math app is the second of the Fun4Kids HoneyBee Kids Math Series.

    The simple and clean user interface is designed to be child friendly, which allows to play without help from an adult. An animated monster gives verbal instructions and feedback to the child which makes learning fun.

    Please reach us @ honeybee@mobyport.com for any feedback and support! We will be happy to hear back from you on any issues.

    Kids Learning Math is the perfect way to build up your preschoolers' math skills. Your children will enjoy a supportive, constructive and uniquely designed fun experience while improving basic match skills. Kids Learning Math teaches basic concepts of mathematics such as counting, addition, subtraction. This is the second of the Learning Math Series.

    Fun4Kids is committed to your toddler's education. This application includes 3 activities (7 activities in Full Version) uniquely designed to reinforce kids' involvement and success by providing positive feedback while teaching the basic mathematics.

    This application is specially designed for toddlers to enjoy with unique, fun graphics and cute sounds.

    Application Features:

    * ADDITION: This activity teaches addition by displaying the objects with associated numbers. These objects are displayed under the numbers to graphically guide your kid(s) and help them learn to add.

    * SUBTRACTION: This activity teaches subtraction by showing associated numbers with the animated objects. For instance, 5 apples minus 2 apples, the activity will display 5 apples with 2 apples bitten.

    * EXERCISE: In this activity, kids are asked to find the missing number in an addition or subtraction exercise.

    * DRAG/DROP : This activity is designed to teach kids addition and subtraction by associating numbers with number of objects in the exercise.

    * AQUARIUM: In this activity, kids are asked to count the colorful fish in the aquarium.

    * COUNT: This fun activity teaches the quantity of numbers with apples and candies.

    * FLASHCARDS: Flashcards activity is a classic math exercise. Kids are asked to add or subtract numbers.

    Fun4Kids Educational Applications are endorsed by thousands of satisfied parents, teachers and kids from all over the world.

    Please reach us @ honeybee@mobyport.com for any feedback and support! We are committed to providing fun and educational experiences to support your kids' education.

  11. 幼儿计数

    510人安装 1.95MB
  12. com.yumuhealth.sls

    933人安装 2.93MB
  13. 蜜恋

    574人安装 44.76MB
  14. 来福

    480人安装 12.94MB
    来福,是为企业和员工提供丰富福利选择的平台。 整合线上和线下的优质服务提供商,为企业在福利采购中提供一站式服务。 涵盖工作、生活、健康和娱乐等多方面产品和服务,为员工带来多种便利和实惠。
  15. 白雪王子太犯规

    1016人安装 2.05MB
  16. 纸盒怪物小镇

    465人安装 27.72MB
    一座被外星怪物占领的纸模风格糖果色小镇,在小镇上可以全地形作战,不管是屋顶、车顶还是路灯甚至是电线杆都可以作为你的作战据点 4个可选角色   4个二头身小短腿纸盒人 2种操控方式   1.使用左摇杆控制人物前后左右移动,使用右摇杆控制左右转向和枪口的抬高和降低   2.用一根手指直接点击目标 5种武器   本版本中共5把武器可用,在完成了第3关和第8关后会分别完美一把武器,不同的武器在威力、精准度和装弹量上有区别   对于未完美的武器你可以在游戏中试用,弹夹用完后武器会自动切换到已完美的武器 3种火力支援   1.火箭弹:使用一个火箭弹道具可以为5枚火箭弹设置击打目标,完成第6关后会完美3枚强力火箭弹   2.自动机枪:本版本中最多只允许同时出现3架,自动机枪会自主攻击离它最近的怪物   3.武装直升机:直升机会一直跟随你并优先攻击离你最近的怪物。 【基本信息】 作者:PaperWorld 更新时间:2015-12-04 版本:1.0.0 系统:Android 4.0以上 语言:中文 【更新内容】 1.修正怪物导航错误问题,在游戏最后阶段怪物数量少于5个时会出现箭头导航指引剩余怪物位置 2.在完成第3和第8关卡后悔分别完美一把武器 3.完成第6关后完美超级火箭弹,至此玩家每次可使用8枚火箭弹